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Who am I where do I come from where am I going

Who am I where do I come from where am I going all the answers


Who am I where do I come from where am I going : we live life in the pursuit of happiness, till today we have lived many moments of joy but also moments of sadness and pain; we have already experienced moments where we stopped and asked ourselves, what is the meaning of life? what is really this experience that we call life? we are born, we live, and then what?


Everybody at some point has asked themselves questions over life and death, over the meaning of life, and the meaning of death. Everybody.


Some of us have answered these questions by saying that it’s not possible to have answers when talking about the after life, but that we will only know when it happens; others believe that after death every one of us will cease to exist, that there is nothing; others found answers with their Faith, their religion, and they believe that life will continue after life on earth, and will continue in the way that religions have taught us, and then there are others who have answered the same questions by doing their own research, seeking proofs over the certainty of life after death.


I am one of those people, my name is Sara Luce, and for the last 30 years I have been researching in the spiritual field, and I am the creator of www.leparoledegliangeli.com


What I want to talk about in this article, not just with words but also with pictures and testimonials, is that happiness, the pursuit of happiness, is also knowing that our lives of today will continue with our lives of tomorrow, the only thing that will be declared dead will be our physical body, the machine that we are driving through this life on earth, day after day, but we will not know death, not even once, we will only know the passage from a moment of awareness of ourselves to another moment of much greater awareness of ourselves.


The idea of knowing that death does not exist is a big relief, the fear of death is perhaps the biggest angst for the human being; the mere fact of knowing this allows us to look at life with a different set of eyes, moreover, knowing what it is that we are doing here on earth gives us an entirely new set of eyes.


Let’s start our journey toward the discovery of the meaning of life!!!




Let’s start from the very beginning: our eyes are made in a certain way, they are set up in a certain way, so as to not see the reality of Spirit; there are a very few exceptions: a very limited number of people have been given this gift for some specific reason, or perhaps one or two times in our lives we have all had the possibility to see this Reality, again this happened for a reason. The vast majority of us can only see things in the material state. However, and this is a crucial point, ever since technology donated digital cameras to us, due to the sensitivity of these cameras, a whole new world has opened up for us too!! And sometimes, when we take a picture, we also “capture” images of Spirit.


Let’s start with a very captivating testimonial, which includes a picture. Who among us never suffered a feeling of loss when a beloved pet that we were very close to finally passed away? Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits … well, a rabbit, this is the main character for our first testimonial …


The picture you are about to see what taken by Peppe, I will give you a short version of his testimonial (you can view the full version on the website): Maurizio, a friend of Peppe, called him in a state of despair, Kikka, his beloved little female rabbit, had just died; after a few months Maurizio decided to buy a puppy, a cocker spaniel; Peppe tells us that “while the dog was growing up, there was something strange about her (her name was Asia). I often told Maurizio, it seemed like sometimes the dog was playing with something that we could not see, and very often, when we took the dog to a field to play, it would hop like a rabbit! Asia has a habit of emulating everything that she sees… I started to suspect that she could see, and therefore was playing with, his Kikka! Maurizio kept saying that the dog’s behavior was perfectly normal and it was typical of the dog breed to jump in that way. I did not really believe it, because sometimes she would jump in a very dog-like fashion, whereas at other times she would jump just like a rabbit!”


One day, about a year ago, Peppe decided to take some pictures, while Maurizio and his dog Asia were at home. After having downloaded the pictures, Peppe noticed this wonderful thing: next to Asia was Kikka … look!!!


Photo Spirit of a rabbit


To aid the viewing, Peppe highlighted the silhouette of Kikka … look!!!


Silhouette of the Spirit of a rabbit


You will have noticed by now that the image of Spirit is not as well defined as that of a human body, or of an animal; however, this is normal, Spirit does not have our density, it’s much lighter, nevertheless it is still very well defined …. I would say beyond every reasonable doubt!!!


Familiarize yourself with this difference in density from ours, in fact, get used to noticing an even lighter density than this one, having these confirmations is such an extraordinary gift!


Moreover, here is another example of how a little animal, in this case a little dog, can give you an image of itself after its death


photos Spirit of a little dog


And so this little dog was sitting on the head of her human companion, who obviously felt nothing and saw nothing, yet her little dog Titta was traveling with them. Do you see how limited our human senses are? You have a little dog on your head, you don’t see her, you can’t feel its weight … but it’s there … the image is self-explanatory! If you need to, here is the contour of the body on this version of the same picture


image contour Spirit of a little dog


Aren't these proofs delightful? Now that we have seen that life does continue on after the death of our animals, and all of their affection does go on after their death, let’s take a step further and let’s explore even more, because with the next pictures we will see that life does go on also for us, who today are in our human shape.


I am very fond of this picture I am about to show you, especially because I understand the pain that this wife and daughter went through when spending the first Christmas after the death of their respective husband and father. The two ladies, in order to minimize their suffering, their nostalgia, decided to open the gifts quickly, take some pictures and go straight to sleep… however, one of these pictures shows something very special, they were in fact not alone, he came to celebrate with them, to be with them.


Fulvia even placed the human face of her husband next to the picture she took, so that we could all recognize his resemblance. Take a look!!!


Picture of the Spirit of husband of Fulvia


Did you see, how wonderful!!! He was with them, they could not see him with their physical eyes, but he came to be with them, Love does not end with the end of life of the physical body! Life does not end! Life continues on after the physical death!


Of course, you have to pay close attention to the pictures taken, however, I know that from now on, after today’s examples, you will look more carefully!


Just like the last picture I showed you was very precious, now I am going to show you another extraordinary one … in this one you will see how limited our human senses are, and the greatness and the Love of Spirit. If you begin to think, who knows how many times the person who loved you, whom you love, and whom is in the Sky today, came to you, without you even knowing it …. Because you simply can not see or hear, now you can begin to open up to the existence of a Reality that does exist, but that you, just like the vast majority of us, can not see or hear; but it exists in Reality.


Take a look at this picture, this group of friends work in a tourist village, they work in the entertainment sector, this is their job, in this picture they are chatting amongst them about the upcoming show, they are all preoccupied with this task, exchanging thoughts, reflections, ideas …. in the midst of this, someone decides to take a picture of these young men, who are so busy working on giving their best to the resort’s guests. When they downloaded the picture …. there is a presence of Love amongst them, a presence oriented toward one of the young men in particular, sadly this young man does not believe in Love after death, or that life continues after death …. he lives through his suffering, and yet the person he loves is right there, and would love to caress him … look!!


Photo of a Spirit


Let me show you also a detail of this Soul, so you will be able to discern, despite the light-heartedness with which Spirit manifests itself in our pictures, pick up the great emotion, the great Love that it is sending with its ‘body’.


Detail photos of a Soul


The young men’s faces have been blurred to protect their privacy, unfortunately, the blurring inevitably obscures an important detail, which is the direction of their gaze, they were looking at one another, completely unaware of the presence that was between them. While you can easily see it in this picture, at the time they were blissfully unaware of it.


Who knows how many times those whom you love and are in the Sky today have been right next to you while you were completely unaware of it!!! Those you love, those who love you and are in the Sky today, they weetly follow your steps, they do even much more than that, because they help you by speaking to you. Not in the way that you can hear with your ears, but they speak to your heart.


They know how difficult it is to live on earth, this is why they always help us!!


For today you have experienced enough strong emotions, even through looking at the pictures; I will leave you to reflect, look at them again, perhaps read this again … however …. This is not the end of our journey together, toward the discovery of the meaning of life, and the reality of life that continues on after the death of the physical body.


An embrace from Sara Luce


The discovery of the meaning of life continues on to the next page …


Who am I where do I come from where am I going all the answers is the first article written for those who are learning about the Reality of the Spirit.




Who am I where do I come from where am I going all the answers


Who am I where do I come from where am I going


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