Guardian Angels and Coincidences Experiences

Guardian Angels and Coincidences Experiences witnesses of Angels

Guardian Angels and Coincidences Experiences : hi sweet Sara, I wonder if you read my mail a few day’s ago, I told you about something that happened to me the other day, I was in my car with my husband who was driving, I was looking at the sky and thinking of my Angel, among the clouds, a wonderful figure of an Angel with it’s wings spread out flying, what a great feeling; I told my husband and he saw it too I told him about the last witnesses I read on your site (the last one, Michela’s one, who told us about her Angel Mariella and about the sequence of numbers 444), after having admired the Angel together, I looked at the car in front of us, its registration plate was “444”, we were both stunned, with shivers, really, my Angel hadn’t told me His name, yet I always ask Him, but probably I haven’t got the right contact to sense it, but his confirmations and His telling me “I’m here” make me happy!!

Now I’m gong to tell you about the last thing that happened yesterday…My husband, our little boy and I were in our car. We were going to a town near us to spend the day (Sunday) with some relatives… I must say that our car isn’t really new, or better… at a certain point my husband noticed that the temperature rose immediately, and he decided to stop…first “coincidence:” we were on a freeway, there wasn’t much space to stop, but just then we managed to stop in a recess, in front of a gate…In that house nobody answered, but opposite there was a hotel and just then somebody opened the door, the porter was at the reception, my husband went up to him and he pointed to a little fountain right in front of him where we filled up some bottles to add some water to the engine…What was missing? The bottle! Guess??! We found one right near our feet!!! What more could you ask for???!!!

A sweet hug


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