The Existence Of Angels

The Existence Of Angels Saved By An Invisible Hand


The Existence Of Angels : hello friends, I would like to give you another testimonial about the help from our inseparable winged friends, I was about 23 years old, my coworkers and I won a corporate holiday trip, so we all went to a tourist village in Calabria, let me explain that at the time I did not believe in the existence of Angels, my mind explained everything through science, and so what I am about to tell you is something I understood much later, 20 years later.


That day I had the unfortunate idea of standing right at the edge of a swimming pool. I did not imagine that some fool, without asking himself if I could actually swim or not, would decide to push me into the water. I screamed before falling into the water, and then down I went, completely submerged in water. I felt completely disoriented, I tried to turn, to hold my breath, and I tried to slightly open my eyes, but no, I couldn’t, I was in a state of complete panic.


About a minute or two later, I am not sure, I felt a hand grab my arm and I immediately shoot straight out of the water, like an arrow. And this is when the strange event happened. I was already out of the water, when I see a young man grab me by the arm as I am flying out of the water! Well, I knew that before this young man grabbed me, another hand was previously taken me by my arm. So this had been an invisible hand!!!


This young man, once I was laying on the ground, asked me if I was all right, and then asked me what had happened …. since I assumed it had been him that threw me in the water and that he was pretending to be smug, I turned around and left!


Now I understand that he was only trying to understand how I had managed to come out of the water, that it was not him who rescued him …. This left me perplexed for a few days, but after that I stopped thinking about it, and I convinced myself that I had imagined it …


Now I can actually say THANK YOU MY ANGEL, only now I realize that you saved my life!!!! THANK YOU GOD for the splendid company that you gave us. I dedicate this testimonial to those who still do not believe, may they change their minds like I did, with all of the gifts that they are sending me from up there ….


A hug,


The Existence Of Angels Saved By An Invisible Hand was the testimonial of Rosy


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