Angels And Hearts Manifestations

Angels And Hearts Manifestations Of Angels


Angels And Hearts Manifestations


Dear Sara, as you can see here I am once again visiting your website.


I thank you, as always, for your thoughtful replies. Today I want to tell you about something that happened yesterday morning. My mood was heavy, I was worried for my eldest daughter, with whom often I am not able to communicate very well, I feel inadequate, frustrated, and while I was thinking of all these things, I was washing the dishes from the night before, I asked my Angels to help me feel better. I asked with so much fervor … and so in that moment I took a tea cup to wash it and as I was about to place the pad inside the cup in order to wash it, I saw this!




Some other times I happen to find a drop of water in the shape of a heart in the bathroom sink, or a little piece of paper always in the shape of a heart, but never did a reply get to me as quickly as it did yesterday! On top of that, I often find feathers … one day I was going to pick up my car which was parked on the street (again I was worrying about my daughter), I got close to the car and I noticed two white things … I got closer and they were two soft white feathers!! ...


But the little heart in the cup gave me the confirmation I was looking for, that gave me so much “solace”; the Angels listen to me and I thank them with all of my heart, and the more I turn to them, the closer I feel they are to me!


I am thankful that you are all there and that I can share this experience with you!


Sara, may the eternal energy of the Light soon melt away all the obstacles you are encountering with launching this new website.


A warm goodbye full of peace


Angels And Hearts Manifestations Of Angels was the testimonial of Maria Inès


Angels And Hearts Manifestations Of Angels


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