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Angel Of Light Story Of The Encounter With An Angel Of Light


Angel Of Light Story Of The Encounter : good evening Friends, good evening Sara Luce, this evening I will tell you about my ENCOUNTER WITH AN ANGEL, let’s start from 1995, it was during the Christmas, I was celebrating it with my sister in Florida, I arrived there on the evening of December 24th with my ex companion, after dinner we chatted with our nephews and my sister and then we went to sleep, I was so excited and happy but at the same time I was sorry to have left my brother Luigi back in town with my parents and so in my prayers I also thought of him, all alone back in town.


While I was daydreaming I slowly fell asleep … then all of a sudden from behind the bedroom door I started to hear the voices of children, laughing, knocking on my door … I was honestly speechless because I knew very well that in my sister’s house there were no small children …. also the time was unlikely, it was 2 thirty in the morning, this was very strange … but the joyous laughter continued for a long time … I tried to wake my companion up, but even though I kept nudging him, no luck, he would not wake up …  and so, again in my prayers, I asked with a soft voice who those voices of children belonged to, as soon as I uttered those words the voices of children stopped laughing and playing behind the door …. then I got up, and even though I was still a little afraid, I opened the door of the hallway, there was nobody there …. I just said thank you, whoever it was, thank you, you made me smile and be happy for no reason … I closed to door and went back to sleep ….


Almost immediately I heard once again children playing in the corridor … they would arrive right up behind the door and would call me, this time by my name, with a small and low voice, I could clearly hear it call Anna … Anna …. honestly I just did not know what to think … I remember I was laying on my side, facing the door, I tried to turn my head around to see if my companion was awake, I can assure you they were making a lot of noise, happy noise, but noisy all the same.


Well, my body was turning but it felt as if my head was paralyzed, it remained turned toward the closed door .. I could not understand if it was my companion’s arm on top of my head, because it felt as if someone was keeping my head firmly in position …. I plucked up my courage and I moved my right hand over toward my head … the emotion was immense … I could feel a very smooth hand ... the fingers were long and soft … what amazed me was that I touched the hand very slowly, I was not afraid, and this hand stayed immobile despite the fact that I was touching it … I started to touch one finger at the time, I was surprised when I noticed that I could not feel the nail, yes, it was as if this hand did not have nails … I gained more courage and the next time around I managed to touch the entire hand … when I mentally asked those children who were still calling me by my name, these children simultaneously said “Anna, rejoice, we have come to you with the Angel Of Light” … as soon as I heard those words I started to cry, the children stopped laughing … and the hand of this Angel caressed my entire head and face, I swear I thought I was going to pass out … after a few minutes … I tried to turn my head again, and this time I was able to see my companion, blissfully asleep … I did not wake him up, but I never forgot that encounter … ALL I KNOW IS THAT IT WAS A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS. IT ALSO TURNED OUT TO BE THE FIRST CHRISTMAS THAT I DID NOT SPEND WITH MY BROTHER, FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE .… was it an omen”? a caress to help me understand??? I don’t know, but I do know that after years of research, one day Luigi told me that the voices of those children were our little brothers who were never born, and they came to meet me … because up there, he had met all of them.


Angel Of Light Story Of The Encounter With An Angel Of Light was the testimonial of Anna


Angel Of Light Story Of The Encounter With An Angel Of Light


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