Coincidences in life the certainty

Coincidences in life the certainty of not being alone


Coincidences in life the certainty : I don’t know if I it is a good idea for me to write here, but I will give it a try; first of all, I will tell you about a nice coincidence that made me think that it was not a “coincidence”.


It was September, we had gone camping on vacation …  I don’t remember the year … it happened many years ago. For years I had been distant from religion, from God and from anything concerning the existence of God. But, all was not well with me … I know that at a certain point I found myself looking for testimonials from people about life beyond life.


A girlfriend lent me a couple of her books, and I started building a little knowledge on the subject.


Meanwhile, I did know that someone had written some books (Raymond Moody) on near death experiences. But I still did not know who the author was … perhaps not even the title of his books …. I don’t know …. my memory on this is hazy.


However, that day of September, at the newsagent stationed in the camping grounds, I started to look for something to read … I guess I had not brought any books with me …  I don’t recall ….


And while I was plucking through the few books in Italian language that were left, guess what I found?


The very book – LIFE BEYOND LIFE – that I had been looking for! I still remember the emotion of that moment, many years ago, when I took it in my hands, happy and emotional. The camping grounds were enormous, many people had walked in and out of there, and yet this book stayed there, and I suspect it was there waiting for me! because that was what I was hoping to read.


Now I feel like an Angel made it happen just so, with this strange coincidence of finding it there, lonely and unique, just the book I was looking for!


I had other little experiences on coincidences … or the sensation that someone was with me, helping me in solving heavy life problems …


But I also had the certainty that I was alone (and if I say certainty, I guarantee you that I am absolutely certain of it) during a very difficult period of my life, when I was assisting my mother who was suffering from Alzheimer …


Not only was I not alone … but someone … perhaps an Angel, perhaps my defunct father …. was caressing me. And I am sure of it because it was a period of my life when I was not particularly of faith.


It was a girlfriend, who was going through the very same experience, who helped me understand that someone was caressing me … and it happened many times in that heavy and difficult period!


To date, I still remember very well looking around to see if there was an open window … some light air draft coming from somewhere … nothing! everything was shut, and yet I could feel something lightly touch me … like a breath ….


I will never be able to forget those experiences …


A big hug


Coincidences in life the certainty of not being alone is Elena’s testimonial




Coincidences in life the certainty of not being alone


Coincidences in life the certainty The words of the Angels