Signs of Guardian Angels helping us

Signs of Guardian Angels helping us


In situations of danger, in moments when it is important to get our attention, our Guardian Angel, probably with impetus, sends our Souls some words of alarm; as humans, we do not have the awareness at mental level of the words from our Guardian Angel, and yet we find ourselves reacting, doing something unexpected, and even incomprehensible. Today Letizia tells us of her experience, the providential intervention from her Guardian Angel . Let’s listen to her.


Hello Sara, some time ago I had contacted you to join your Prayer Group, to help my mother. I thank you profusely for your goodness and availability.


Today, I am here to tell you, briefly, the experience I just had, which is a further testimonial that our Guardian Angel is always ready to protect us.


Not long ago I was walking down the brief stretch of road to reach my office. It was the very same itinerary that I walk, everyday, same street, part of this street is lined with trees.


Today, it was quite windy. At one point, without any apparent reason, I felt the urge to look up, and to move. I barely had time to walk two steps, when from one of the trees, an enormous branch fall off, and landed on the ground with a loud thud.


If I had not moved, it would have fallen straight on my head. And maybe now I would not be here (believe me, it was not a small branch).


I still feel shaken by this. This “inexplicable coincidence” …. as if someone physically moved me, to make sure I would not be hit by that big branch that detached from the tree, exactly on my head.


Without doubt, my Guardian Angel protected me.


I am sending you a hug


Signs of Guardian Angels helping us was shared with us by Letizia




Signs of Guardian Angels helping us


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