Love is forever

Love is forever experiences


Love is forever : I am 100% convinced that they, our loved ones who are in the Sky, are with us, that Love is forever, I have always had some signs, ever since I was a child; what I will never forget for the rest of my life is when my father left us, for two months I never went to bed, because I wanted to always stay close to him, knowing that soon I was going to lose him, and so it was.


I set everything else aside, the evening after his funeral I collapsed in bed, awake, I had just turned the light off, I felt someone coming up to me, and I understood immediately it was him; he did not speak, but I felt all his love for me, he caressed my head, gave me a kiss and left, leaving a serenity inside me that I still carry with me.


Love is forever experiences is the story from Franca


Love is forever experiences


Love is forever The words of the Angels