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Receiving help from Angels

Receiving help from Guardian Angels


Receiving help from Angels : hello, I also wanted to testify about the help I received from my Guardian Angels; I was going to work, it was raining heavily; I had reached a curve on a very busy road and, I don’t know how, my car started swerving back and forth, ending up in the opposite lane.


I was already prepared to jump off the car because I could see that the car was heading for a canal parallel to the road, when, suddenly, right at the edge of the canal, the car stopped softly, as if it had hit a rubber wall.


The strange thing is that in that moment there were no other cars at all driving the opposite way, which I would have surely hit head on, had it been otherwise.


Thank you Angels!


Receiving help from guardian Angels are the words from Sonia


Receiving help from Guardian Angels


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