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Give Up And Asking For Help Angels

Give Up And Asking For Help Angels The Greatest Act Of Love
Give Up And Asking For Help Angels : there are times where every little thing in our daily life is ridden with obstacles and problems and what we set out to do, albeit relatively simple, becomes so laborious and unachievable from all of the complications that come up, to become insurmountable; luckily, while we feel so defeated, if we have the courage to give up and admit our inaptitude and stop getting muddled up with issues of 'reason', help always arrives through a simple, wonderful 'coincidence' that has nothing coincidental about it, but is lovingly well-timed.
My husband and I have a really old aunt who obstinately insisted on living by herself until she felt seriously ill and we had to put her in a rest home. To pay for the clinic's fees we had to rent her apartment which, incidentally, was in terrible conditions, so we found ourselves stuck between finding a way to clean out the apartment as much as possible, while at the same we should really be preparing an advertisement on the paper to show the property to prospective tenants, but if we found a tenant and they saw the house as it is, they would not be interested in renting it.
We were stuck in a no-win situation.
One evening, after having spent the entire day trying to make the apartment more presentable, we decided to treat ourselves to a little walk and, sad and discouraged by our impotence, along the way we met an old lady, an old friend of our late aunt. It had been years since my husband had seen her. She asked how things were going, she asked about our aunt's health. We tell her the whole story. Once she heard it, the lady, who for years had been renting apartments, gives us the phone number of her property manager. We contacted this person, very nice person by the way, who not only told us everything that we needed to know about renting a place, but who also found us the tenants within a week and helped us close on a very favorable contract.
What can we say?
If you don't believe in Angels you must admit that this is a strange coincidence. Those who, like me, trust themselves in them, must begin to take into serious considerations these events that are never 'a stroke of luck' but the obstinate attempt from our Angels to attract the attention of even the most distracted to convince us that asking for their help is never a failure, nor a humiliating experience or a surrender, but it's the greatest act of love that we can do during the course of our day
Give Up And Asking For Help Angels The Greatest Act Of Love
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