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Medjugorje The Discovery Of Faith : my story began five years ago!! I went to pick up a magazine and ended up buying a book titled “Medjugorje and the triumph of the heart”, I was intrigued by this simple title that said it all, the triumph of the heart; reading, reading, I discovered that the Madonna has been appearing there since over 28 years in a tiny little town lost in the mountain, by the name of Medjugorje, there were 6 ‘seers’ that would go there every single month and who received the messages from the Gospa (Croatian for ‘Queen of the Peace’); until then I had never prayed to the Virgin Mary, I did not even know how to recite a rosary, however as I kept reading the book, reading and re-reading the many testimonials of changes in people, of physical healing, especially of spiritual healing, they stirred up inside me a strong desire to go to that place that, just reading the book made me feel a spark and some droplets of paradise, I already felt better and cared for and loved by this mother I had not really paid much attention to my whole life and so it was that I started to recite the rosary and every day I would connect to the internet, seeking videos, pictures of that place, the yearning for that place was growing stronger and stronger.
So every year in the summer I would want to go to Medjugorje but there was always something that stopped me from going …. The year before the time I actually went, … I was determined to go and I was not alone, I was going to go with family members… however my father, being the protective type, did not agree to send me abroad to Bosnia Herzegovina, and looking at the current news he was rather worried, so I agreed not to go … I was really upset.
The following year, 2009, it was June, one morning I prayed the Virgin Mary and I told her these simple words: IF YOU WANT ME TO GO THERE, YOU WILL SURELY FIND A WAY TO CONVINCE MY FATHER …. And so the following morning, without saying anything to anyone, I called the local tour operator that sold pilgrimage tours to Medjugorje, we agreed on a deposit and he told me the departure date …. Deal done!!
Now all that was left was the crucial moment I would have to break the news to my father …. In my mind I had the fixed image of him telling me yet another decisive NO, also because this year I was really going to travel alone, me and my suitcase!!!!
When the moment arrived, I noticed that the Virgin Mary had really thought of everything, my father did not say a word when I told him, all he said was NICE, WHEN ARE YOU GOING?
What a difference a year makes, and he knew I did not know anyone there … Did the situation in Bosnia truly no longer worry him, or was it the Virgin Mary that answered my prayer??? She really thought of everything …
Finally my wish had come true, I arrived in Medjugorje and I could not tell you the emotions I felt the moment I saw the sanctuary from a distance, up until then I had only seen it in books, via internet, but seeing it in person made my heart beat 1000 miles an hour.
That week I also had the good fortune to meet three of the seers: Ivan, Jacov and Marja and I also heard their testimonials in person …. Seeing their smiles of paradise …
And this was not the only grace that I received … it was the 14th of August, the Virgin Mary every month appears, on the 25th of the month, for that week they were not forecasting any apparition … however …. God’s plans are always different from ours, in the afternoon Ivan saw an apparition of the Gospa, telling him to make all people joining the pilgrimage on the evening of the 14th of August upon the mountain of Podbrodo. This is the small ‘apparitions’ mountain, with a blue cross on top. So, we were all there at six in the afternoon, we started to climb the mountain, praying and reciting the rosary, waiting for 10:00 pm to arrive, the time in which the azure mother would descend on earth to bless us all.
As soon as the time came, a silence surprised us all, the sky was wonderfully starry, the stars were all very close to each other, there were no empty spaces between them, I had never seen a sky so full of stars … We all prayed from our hearts, I did not see her but I felt her presence and in that moment I could feel that she loved me, I unknowingly had tears running down my face, that night I removed everything that was negative from inside my heart, I gave myself a new heart, much more inclined to forgive, to faithfully pray to God … To enjoy life and happy to be with others …. She made me realize that I had to love my brothers and be available to others … while we were praying, behind me there was a young man in a wheelchair, during the apparition he could actually see the Virgin Mary, he seemed possessed, he was screaming, sometimes with a voice that sounded feminine and distorted, and he complained he was not feeling well, I was so terrified I started crying, also because of the commotion that there was due to the presence of the Virgin Mary, and also for the fear of seeing something like that in real life. A nun next to me suggested that I pray the Hail Mary so we may help him, and this is what I did, he screamed even louder, he would tell the Virgin Mary Go Away, Go Away … but in the end it was wonderful to see the power of good over evil, slowly slowly these horrible skewed voices uttered by this young man were fading away, as if they were being pushed away down into an abyss by an even stronger force … During the apparition a pilgrim that was staying in my same hotel saw three shooting stars, one after the other, going the opposite direction … when the apparition ended the seer gave us the message and said that the Virgin Mary had come accompanied by three Angels (the three shooting stars going the opposite direction) that she laid her hands upon us, first of all she blessed the sick and then all of us, including the sacred objects that we had brought with us that we had previously purchased … some people during the apparition even felt the mantle, like wind blowing on their arms.
The message that she gave to Ivan that evening was the following:
My dear children, once again today, in my great joy, I wish to invite you in this time: open up to the Holy Spirit. Open up, this is a time for grace. Dear children, may a river of love flow into your hearts. Pray, pray, my dear children, together with the Mother. Thank you, dear children, to have answered my call once again today.
The Virgin Mary appeared joyous that evening, just us pilgrims from Italy accounted for about 6,000 of the people who were there, and that’s without talking about all the other ones from Spain, Africa, America. The entire world was in this terrestrial paradise, and everyone seemed like a great big family, the faces of all those people were always joyous!!!
That evening I returned to the hotel and I dropped the little decoration gem that I had attached to a tooth … I was wondering what a coincidence it was that the Virgin Mary would appear and the little gem would drop off exactly when I was in Medjugorje?
We spent a few more intense days praying the Communion Adoration verses, at the back of the sanctuary, with songs in all languages, such a peace, a strange silence …. Silent but pleasant, you could not even hear a fly, the silence was so deep I would forget I was in the middle of thousands of people ….
Another profound experience was when we climbed the Kricevaz mountain, at 5 in the morning, at the peak of this very tall mountain there is a massive cross, the cross of Kricevaz, erected in 1933.
In front of the cross I prayed in a way I had never done before, I truly prayed with my heart, a heart, a sincere heart, a heart willing to truly do God’s will, not in words but in facts, a new heart ready to eliminate lingering hostilities, bad feelings, regrets, a loving heart!!
Many of them were crying, but those were tears of relief, a cry that would soon after bring a smile on their faces and the strength to keep going under the teachings of Jesus Christ. On that mountain we walked the via cruces …. We lived it as if Jesus was climbing with us with every station and would pray with us!!!
Once we descended from the mountain, with the rosary in my hand, I went with another pilgrim to the statue of the resurrected Christ, a huge statue depicting Jesus Christ just resurrected, very very tall .…. Just to give you an idea of the size, my head reached the height of the statue’s knees.
We stood in line, each one of us had a handkerchief in our hands … over the last couple of years this statue has been analyzed, studied, yet they found nothing to truly explain how these drops seem to come out from the statue’s right hand knee were formed, and where they could possibly come from. When my turn arrived I climbed on a chair because I could not reach it and I too dried the drops that were coming out of the knee, I waited a few seconds after I dried them off but the drops kept coming out, this miraculous event has been taking place for years now.
Another sign I witnessed in Medjugorje was the sun. Every evening at 18:40 the Virgin Mary would descend to Medjugorje … and at that time some of us were outside the hotel to go for a brief walk to check out the local shops near the sanctuary and we saw in that precise instant that the sun began to waver, it would increase and decrease in size, it would become brighter and would change color, from yellow to red orange, at that moment I even taped it and all of a sudden a ray of sun stretched out to touch the earth, all of this went on until the end of the apparition.
I received big graces in Medjugorje but the major ones were: understanding the real meaning of the Holy Communion and the awareness of the powerful action that the Holy Spirit has over every Christian soul.
The Holy communion for me meant to simply have a belief according to the teachings of the catechism that represented the body and blood of Christ, but I used to recite it only because this is what I had been told by my teachers when I was little, to me it was more of a tradition than a real belief …. However during the Mass on 15th august in Medjugorje it was the first time that, as I was taking the Holy Communion, I was so overwhelmed by emotions, I felt as if this was my first time having the Holy Communion …. At that moment I understood that it was not a tradition, I was really feeling as if it was really Jesus Christ that, through that little piece of bread I just ate, was taking up residence inside me; I was emotional again, I understood that taking the holy communion was a real meeting with the resurrected Jesus Christ, I felt the true life inside me …. And from that I understood that right to before I took this beautiful trip, I had been taking many things for granted
I saw the actions of the Holy Spirit during those days, many times it illuminated me, it sustained me in my live prayer, burning and incessant …. It was molding me with its action ….
Then came the last day of my stay, I just did not want to leave that place, but the words of the seer Jacoy soothed me, during one of his gatherings he said: THE GIFTS YOU HAVE RECEIVED HERE IN MEDJUGORJE, THE GRACES THAT THE VIRGIN MARY BESTOWED ON YOU, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO MAINTAN THEM IN YOUR DAILY LIVES, THE TRUE PILGRIMAGE BEGINS NOW INSIDE YOUR HOMES, IN YOUR ENVIRONMENTS … and so I left with so much intention to show everybody how great the Love of God is, and especially to talk about our celestial mother, introducing her to those who have yet to perceive in their hearts this mother who has indefatigably been appearing for so many years with the purpose to save us from all this evil!! Then one thing that made me return home happy was when Ivan said DO NOT THINK THAT YOU CAME HERE BY ACCIDENT, IN THIS SPECIFIC YEAR, OR TIME, BECAUSE MANY PEOPLE THING THAT THEY ARE HERE BY ACCIDENT, OR BY COINCIDENCE, NO, YOU ARE WRONG!!! THE VIRGIN MARY CALLED YOU HERE, THIS YEAR, BECAUSE THERE IS A PROJECT FOR EACH ONE OF YOU!!!
When I heard those words my heart filled up, I understood why it took 4 or 5 years to get here, in 2009, she wanted me here alone!!!
During the last days I understood how important it is concede some small “yes’s to God … the Virgin Mary had a request for me: the trip organizer told me to give a deposit only if I wanted to, only if my heart was open to it … the piercing that I fiercely kept on my nose … I would never have done something like this but while this man was talking to me, believe me, my heart felt smaller and smaller … I perceived a strange sensation, he was talking to me but I did not really see him, through his gentle smile I could see the Virgin Mary was using him to convey her request to me …. And that’s when I suddenly remembered the little gemstone on the tooth … I understood that she wanted me nice and simple!!! So in the middle of tears of emotion during the Mass I deposited the piercing at the feet of the Madonna in the status inside the Sanctuary of Saint Giacomo.
That was the beginning of many small “yes’s, I understood that many times we become slaves of things, I was attached to a piercing and thanks to our Virgin Mary I understood that nothing is more important than Love, than affection … we must not be slaves of ourselves!!!
Once we left and returned to the straight of Messina, it was 18:40 and as I looked up in the sky I saw the sun beginning to shake again, turning and changing color, and so I told the tour organizer’s wife that I felt as if I had returned to Medjugorje, noticing the sun playing the same tricks as last time … and she said WE HAVE BEEN COMING TO MEDJUGORJE FOR YEARS, THIS IS THE VIRGIN MARY’S WAY OF SAYING HI ONCE WE REACH THEIR DESTINATION!!!
My heart has been beating fast with love, peace and serenity. My face is joyous, because I know that next to me Jesus and Mary are there and will never leave me, they will help me in my moments of necessity, they will sustain me when I will fall, helping me back up again and keep going forward toward eternal life!!!

Medjugorje The Discovery Of Faith Experiences in Medjugorje Travels Stories Medjugorje was told by Rita


Medjugorje The Discovery Of Faith Experiences in Medjugorje Travels Stories Medjugorje


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