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Lourdes The Bath In The Holy Waters Healing

Lourdes The Bath In The Holy Waters Witness Of Healing

Lourdes The Bath In The Holy Waters Healing : this testimonial of healing in Lourdes is extremely recent, June 2012, as Gianluca put it, “we left Friday evening 8th of June, we were in Lourdes all day Saturday 9th of June, Saturday evening we left and we returned Sunday morning 10th of June, trying to sleep on the bus was terrible, however it was all worth it”; now you will read his testimonial and then other information I asked him, till later, Sara Luce
My dear friends, as you probably know when I was a child I had to have surgery on my legs, one day I even had an unfortunate accident in my car (while I was driving to work) which caused an unpleasant inflammation of the main tendon in the leg. I went to all my therapies and the vast majority of the pain subsided, but he also prescribed some anti inflammatory medication that I have been taking since then.
Lately I had a desire to return to Lourdes not only for myself but also for my wife, who has never been there. It seems there was never the right time to go, every time we tried it was very expensive. I think that the Madonna heard my prayers and one day my wife found a fantastic special offer, a trip to Lourdes of just one day, it was perfect!!!!
We booked immediately, I was especially thrilled for my wife.
That day in Lourdes I told my wife that as soon as we would get there I would take her to the holy waters place so she can bathe there. I took her to the spa (I knew that on that day there would be the earthquake refugees joining us), it was very touching and nice with all of this peace and faith coming from all nationalities.
After waiting for about an hour and reciting some prayers, our turn arrived, they gave me the wet towel that was truly ice cold, but it was not unpleasant, I said a few prayers and then they sunk me in the icy waters, I got close to the little Madonna and I said one prayer, then I left and I put my pants on, I would like to let you know that I did not get my clothes wet like last time, and the pain on my left leg was gone!!
I am not telling lies, the pain was gone!!!! And my body to date is still light and the skin more velvety
It is difficult to describe my emotion, but I know that you are all people of faith and you know that I am telling the truth, I would never dare lie.
I would like to thank you with all of my heart and do pray together with me for the earthquake refugees.
A warm goodbye, Gianluca
Here I am again with you, Sara Luce, since it has truly been only a few days since this sudden improvement from the inflammation from which he had been suffering for a long time, I asked Gianluca more information about that moment, on his condition during the following days, and on the inevitable assumption of medication, this is how he answered:
“Hello, I can confirm to you that the day I was in Lourdes, before I sank into the holy water, the left leg was hurting me, as usual, especially when walking, pains that would subside or go away for just a few minutes (issues with tendons and nerves); when I entered the water, actually to be accurate when I got out and I went to wait for my wife who was on the women’s side, I noticed that the left leg no longer hurt, and I indicated that to my wife. I can tell you that in some days now, especially if I am tired, the pain is still there a little bit for just a few moments, but it’s a very faint pain and it only lasts a few seconds, while before I had to massage the leg and take my pain killers, and this medication I only took when the leg was very painful, this is not a medication to take every day.
Yesterday my leg did not hurt at all, not even yesterday evening, and not even today, this evening I am feeling a little something, but hardly anything.
I do not complain because the holy water has in any case removed a major inflammation, I am sure, because since I returned home I am in good shape. I can guarantee you that the water did have its effect on me, because every day is better and better, both physically and spiritually”.
We can only join them in celebrating all together with Gianluca the Madonna of Lourdes.
An embrace to all

Lourdes The Bath In The Holy Waters Witness Of Healing was told by Gianluce and Sara Luce


Lourdes The Bath In The Holy Waters Healing

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