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Madonna of the little Crown testimonial

Madonna of the little Crown testimonial grace received intercession of Madonna appear Virgin Mary

Madonna of the little Crown testimonial : my name is Anna Maria and the testimonial I am about to share with you, even for those who don't have a rock solid faith, smacks of the incredible; I am a friend of Sara and thanks to her friendship I have been able to establish a rapport with the sky through contact with my Guardian Angel and through metaphony.

For those of you who are not familiar with the method, let me explain briefly and broadly that it's a contact with your loved ones who are up in the Sky, through a tape recorder and a radio. But there are also other methods to communicate with their Dimension and one of them is the automatic writing. On this subject Sara lent me a book which is nothing but a post-death diary between a mother and a father who lost their much loved son, Emilio Crispo, following a car accident.

On father's day, the mother of Fabio, my husband, was not feeling well and she required intensive therapy in hospital with the application of a temporary pace-maker. While I was waiting for the phone call from my husband who was at the emergency room I still had no idea what was wrong with my mother in law and I was really desperate, in addition to a personal bond there was also the fact that a few years previously I lost my mother following a long illness and anything that brought back to those painful days devastated me. Experiencing a similar state of mind I looked for contact with the Sky through metaphony even though my anxiety did not allow me to understand only one single word "heart" and nothing else.

That's when I prayed and surrendered the health of Fabio's mother to the Madonna.

The day before the operation for the application of the permanent pace-maker my husband he had gone to bed before me; he had an emotionally heavy day ahead of him, I was still awake and I was preparing what he would have needed the following day. Since I don't work and I usually wake up after him, that night before going to bed I left a little "good morning" note. That night I had thought of offering an additional encouragement by inviting him to take with him a holy picture as a symbol of Protection and not as superstition.

It was a print of a pendant with the image of the Madonna of the little Crown (with the prayer) which we had given to our step daughter for her baptism on 8th December a few years prior. I went to bed with the conviction that I had done all of the above and I started reading the book of Emilio Crispo. I was reading a part with the many messages sent to his mother, this script encouraged her, during a key point of her life, to carry with her an image of the Madonna of the little Crown, and not considering it as a fetish!!! I jumped and I immediately remembered that I forgot to add the little image to my note for Fabio. But the extraordinary events did not stop here.. According to the doctors the operation was a success, and my mother in law told me a beautiful thing. Two days had gone from the small surgery to insert the pace-maker, she was still alone in her intensive therapy room at the hospital and she had all but completely eliminated the anaesthetic from her system, she was about to have her breakfast with a renewed serenity since she was no longer inhibited in her movements, when all of a sudden (this she says with great conviction) she saw the image of a beautiful female face, surrounded by a halo of white light, with long wavy hair, that was smiling at her and she believed that she was the Madonna. Fabio's mother is a devoted believer of the Virgin, but does not follow it obsessively, however in parallel to her faith she is gifted with a great practical spirit and she is down to earth; this marriage of qualities allowed her to be able to be resilient during difficult moments in her life. In addition in this way she is able to distinguish clearly between a vision, however extraordinary, and a hallucination.

During those days I continued with my metaphony session and this doubt not on the authenticity of her faith but on her interpretation kept rattling in my mind. During the usual registration I had not even asked my question when the first words from the Sky confirmed to me that what my mother in law Antonietta had seen was indeed the reassurance of our Mother Celeste and that the precise place it took place was near the window of the hospital room. When I saw Antonietta again this is what she rushed to tell me and in her eagerness to tell me she did not notice that I had preceded her in telling her the precise location of her vision.

A detail not to be ignored to validate what I have written is in the fact that Antonietta ignores completely what I have written.

All of this, as well as further opening my heart up to Faith has reassured me that we are not alone even when we can not perceive the Help from the Sky because of our suffering, it has reassured me on the value of prayers: even the most spontaneous one will mobilize the whole Sky with more love and at all levels.

Then there is the old saying "help yourself and God will help you" fits perfectly with Antonietta's whole persona because in addition to always praying she never gave up when facing adversities and she has always reacted honoring the gift from our Father, she is always positive even if she has the mature age of 81 years old and continues to be proactive with friendly vivacity and vitality.

I don't think I need to add further comments other than my most sincere wishes for a Holy Easter in the name of a great hope and constant reaching out for the Sky through the awareness of being able to give and receive a lot of love

Madonna of the little Crown testimonial grace received intercession of Madonna appear Virgin Mary was told by Anna Maria

Madonna of the little Crown testimonial grace received intercession of Madonna appear Virgin Mary

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