Love The Example Of Jesus Christ

Love The Example Of Jesus Christ messages


Love The Example Of Jesus Christ : my beloved and brave children, in these moments of pain that involve the entire world, there is on earth the seed of tomorrow, there is a little seedling, a flower that will soon bloom, and the entire earth will be illuminated and existence will be reborn from those flowers; their collective voices scattered throughout the earth will send their message to you " When you die, unless you have not served your life for the goodness of humanity, it will feel like a waste of your time; perhaps, while you were chasing things of little importance, you got distracted and you ran after false values, false ideals,but what we are being asked here is for the wellness of everyone, this is our mission, for each one of us; would the Father send his own creature Jesus back in the time, to live on earth, for false values? for false ideals? if he sent Him among us, and He sacrificed, he had in mind with all of His heart, to help all of us, to take example from the Love that he gave incessantly, to take example of how everyone was important in himself, to take example of how a heart, even while on earth in its humanity, when he has Love guiding him, will be a constant intervention for the good of all; this is the example that He sent to us, an example to remind us of our mission; that Paradise was made for those of us who will have used their time for the good of others, while others will live with regrets at having wasted their opportunity."


I sent you my son Jesus as an example, make the most of his Love; you have a mission to accomplish to be worthy of the sacrifice of your brother Jesus.


I embrace all if you, you are all my children, place your heart at the helm of your existence, walk in the Love, disseminate Love, give Love.


Your Father


Love The Example Of Jesus Christ was the Message dictated 24 March 2016




Love The Example Of Jesus Christ messages


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