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Pre-Emptive Wars The War Violates The Freedom To Live Supreme Concept Of Love

Pre-Emptive Wars The War Violates The Freedom To Live Supreme Concept Of Love
My dear and loved brothers, my dear and loved sisters, today my heart overflows with Joy, with happiness because we are preparing the book that collects all of our messages and that soon will be available for our brothers and sisters; it will be a new way to make our teachings known. This project became a reality thanks to the effort of a sister of yours, Paola Santini, who not long ago opened a publishing house; this book that we are already writing with Sara Luce will be published by the publishing house of this sweet and loved sister Paola.
In the meantime I also witnessed your own efforts in sharing our teachings and I want to remind you that if you need my help, my words or an intervention from me toward your brothers or contacts, I am always available also for this type of help, because helping you is always a source of infinite Joy for me.
Brothers, now let's move on to today's subject. I would really like to talk about this situation that came up with the kidnapping of your two Italian citizens who were busy helping, not fighting those brothers who live in Iraq.
I feel so much sadness in my heart, so much sadness I see in your good hearts, but the message that I dictated to you a few days ago titled 'I come to help you' already talked about this great truth, that violence always generates violence.
This message follows up on what I had said on that message; over the last few days you have listened to the President Vladimir Putin, the President of the ex Soviet Union, affirm that terrorism can be eliminated with pre-emptive wars, think about it brothers, how can an armed intervention resolve the problems of a part of a population that wants freedom, that wants independence? Be careful brothers, mobilize yourselves brothers, proclaim the principle of freedom to live of every human being, because a war or any conflict violates this concept: freedom to live.
This concept is the supreme concept of Love: freedom to live.
Every gesture toward your brothers that goes against this concept is the gravest act that can be done and there are no differences between those who commit these crimes and those who organize them, the responsibility is the same, this distinction only seems to have value in your own justice system, but not for our Justice because responsibility for us has the same important value whether you commit the act of whether you organize it.
Brothers, how is it possible to answer to violence through non-violence? This is a question that we are hearing more and more often. Let me explain.
Violence is a form of awareness, of consciousness where impotence is predominant and the real solution is always in the awareness, in the consciousness that there are other roads that can lead to the solution of the problems that lie behind.
All consciences, all consciences together can change, every conscience knows and can send useful information to another conscience to unite and to do something together and all of those consciences working together can change dominant opinions and proclaim themselves as the dominant opinions, with the only difference being in substituting a dominant opinion based on fear and on lack of correct information with a dominant opinion based on the freedom of life, on real Justice, on the value of Brotherhood and especially on the single value that is truly effective to solve your problems on the entire earth: Peace.
Every time the word Peace on your planet is substituted with the word injustice between some brothers or others, Peace is being compromised, you must immediately take stock of the existing problems and find quickly shared solutions to resolve those conflicts before the word injustice may provoke in those involved brothers the feeling that only war, or confrontation can bring a solution.
Brothers, this teaching is very, very important, always activate yourselves even toward those around you, or the environment around you and try to find just and real solutions to always establish Peace between you.
Brothers, before I conclude I would like to recap on the wave of what I explained to you today, the situation that you are witnessing following the kidnapping of your girls, your volunteer workers in Iraq. Many brothers from countries at war all agree that this kidnapping is absolutely the final act for many brothers who interpret as justice what is absolutely not justice and this is creating an awakening of the sleepy consciences because of the drama of this conflict and many are the people, the brothers, who in turn want the liberation of your two girls, probably all of these consciences together will manage to bring about a positive solution to this kidnapping, but brothers, this will only be one of the things that they will help, because these consciences united in the word Peace will also be able to finally put an end to some of the forms that this conflict has taken on, those to hit people whose only fault is that they do not profess Islamism.
With this wish I will say goodbye for today. Do reflect on what I dictated to you today for you brothers and my sisters and always put the word Peace in your hearts.
Today I see you are tired of all this violence that surrounds you and that your mass media keep throwing on your face charging them with considerations that are just as violent, but do refer to the words that we send you from the Sky, console yourselves with all of our great effort and learn to be so full of Love even during the most desperate moments because if we help you we will truly be able to change many things on your and our planet and if we feed Hope all united, together we will bring Peace in your sweet hearts and then finally there will be Peace across the entire planet, true Justice, there will be Brotherhood, Love will rule for centuries to come.
Your brother Jesus says goodbye, I kiss you with all of the great, great Love that I feel for each one of you, do hope my brothers and my sisters for the war to become only a distant memory of when earth was governed by fear and not by Love between all brothers and sweet sisters.
Pre-Emptive Wars The War Violates The Freedom To Live Supreme Concept Of Love was the Message dictated 12th September 2004
Pre-Emptive Wars The War Violates The Freedom To Live Supreme Concept Of Love
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