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The Search For The Truth The Subject Of Destiny

The Search For The Truth The Subject Of Destiny
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today let’s continue this important topic of the many opportunities to involve your brothers in the search for the truth.
Many emotions can trigger this search. The emotions tied to death are complex and can bring to searching just like they can drive away from searching.
We support every brother when there is a moment of mourning and sometimes we see emotions of anger against the Father, against the Sky and all of us. We witness powerlessly to this anger as if we were all responsible for this death. Brothers, our Father suffers with you whenever a series of situations make this sweet Soul return home due to a serious illness, or a car accident before their time. By ‘before their time’ we mean much earlier than having had the opportunity to complete their journey of growth on earth.
My brothers, over time many of your matured the idea that everything that happens is designed by us; in reality our effort is limited to allowing you as much as possible to realize your project and when death, or shall we say a premature death, comes into your lives, the Father feels a great pain in His heart for his child and the Father suffers while you suffer and the Father welcomes them in his arms and while you are suffering, inside his Heart the Father tries as much as possible to help you by favoring encounters with people who can help you understand that, when death is near, Love is near, too.
Despite this effort and sometimes specifically because of this idea that everything comes from us, you look to our Sky with anger, lots of anger and it’s difficult for you to accept the sweet help that our Father places next to you.
Many thoughts in you change over the short period of time in which you have known the truth by means of our messages that we dictate, and in many of you, my dear ones, these thoughts have been abandoned, how to help those brothers in these situations? How to speak of Love, of the Father, when rage grips them so intensely?
With much calm, approach the subject of destiny, nothing is written on the Sky other than the help that we can give you to meet your objectives, the objectives’ objectives, this my brothers is truly written and your Angels keep your intentions inside themselves very jealously, your own programs, your projects and they expect help with Love for their dear ones and their projects are based on your aspirations, your growth, your specialization in being sweetly a sweet expression of your great Love.
My brothers these aspirations are all positive, nobody ever chose pain and suffering as a way to learn, however pain and suffering exist as a consequence of an illness that, regardless of our Sky, involves you, and the suffering that you yourselves carry, far from being decided from our Sky, is an expression of the journeys of your brothers and of the fractures of growth that you alone choose during your own journeys.
For this reason it’s very important to understand that suffering and Love are incompatible, that pain and Love are incompatible, that premature death and Love are incompatible.
With much calm think about how much truth I have told you inside these words because, my sweetest brothers, by accepting this truth, you will calmly find the words to transmit this sweetest truth to your brothers.
Love, always ask yourselves ‘Why would Love allow this?’ Love in this Sky is an absolute expression of Love, only Love in its complete expression resides in this Sky and only a great Love comes directly on earth to help you, only and always to help you.
My brothers, this is the truth, with your thoughts you create a Paradise that not always mirrors the Love, as you are so used to living in situations in which affection and Love are affirmed only partially and this projection of the imperfection on our Paradise, my brothers, causes your thoughts to be so far away from the truth to be, rather than a Paradise, more like a vindictive hell and even all against you. My brothers, is this Love? Is this Paradise to you?
You have many ideas but if you listen to your hearts many of these thoughts will leave you, you are light, you are Love and you know very well what the perfection of Love and of our Father are, an expression of infinite Love, expression of perfect Love.
I will not add anything else my brothers because inside your heart you understand perfectly and now your mind, confirmed in your thoughts on the perfection of Love, will grant you, my brothers, words to communicate for all occasions in which brothers will project the imperfection on the Sky.
In this message, my sweet brothers, I explained to you the reason why many brothers attack our Sky with words that sometimes are really painful to all of us, we are always busy giving you help, advice, we Love you always, however Love has this law: to help with absolute Love everybody, every sweet creature in times of pain just like in times of illness, just like in every hope and in the wonderful moments of joy. This is our law: helping with infinite Love, always.
Brothers, you too have been brothers of light in this Paradise and every time you help with immense and perfect Love there is a kind of recognition inside you, you are Love and you are also perfect Love inside your heart.
My brothers, the next time we will continue with this help toward your brothers in many situations where you have difficulties.
The situation, however, is now slowly opening up to new words of help from your heart and this Love that today and tomorrow will be mobilized by you more and more is the result of my great Love for all of you and of the truths that you will recognize as brought about exactly by Love and by my sweet example of Love.
I know, I am hugging you by filling you with light, I know, I would love to keep hugging you however this is the time that is born from the heart that sends much, much Love, the kind of Love that I have inside my heart for each one of the sweet children of our Father, my sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters.
Hugged as we are, let’s exchange Love, I am hugging you.
Your brothers Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 5th February 2006
Title   The Search For The Truth The Subject Of Destiny
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