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Messages to humanity - Brothers, Love is all we need

My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, over the course of time we have talked about Love. I always taught you to listen to your heart, I taught you to reflect while listening to the words pronounced by your heart, I taught you to reply to your many brothers starting from the feeling of the heart, I taught you to listen to the manifestations of Love in your heart and I taught you to listen to your brothers’ hearts, which are expressed through their manifestations, I finally taught you to always think of yourselves as a heart, expression of your being Love and expression of the achieved awareness of your being Love.

These teachings are for all of you, without distinction between brothers and this is because each one of you is busy evolving in this terrestrial experience.

This is the project that I am working on, helping absolutely all of my loved brothers and sisters to grow consciously, to evolve consciously, to consciously be and to consciously recognize themselves.

At this point of your project I would like you to remember that no difference between brothers is ever justified, I would like for you to truly feel equal with your Love, identical to each brother that, like you, is going through their experience on earth.

I would like for you to become aware of the feeling of equality that is expressed in your heart, expressed in your sweet Love to begin to live it in your reality.

The only difference, brothers, that exists between you and your other brothers is only the level of awareness of the Love that you all carry inside you, in your hearts, in your thoughts, in your actions.

This awareness is the only difference between all of you, and everything is the reflection of this awareness. There is no hate when awareness is present, nor wars, nor conflict, because awareness puts us on the same level of experience, where by “same level” I mean being equals between brothers. “Same level” means equality, respect, in other words two hearts that are expressing themselves in their being Love.

This is equality within awareness, knowing you are Love facing another Love.

Thanks to all these teachings I brought you to reflect instead of judging, I brought you to ask yourselves as opposed to judging, I brought you to understand as opposed to judge, because as a heart you have always been Love facing another Love.

I taught you to express yourselves, I taught you to listen to yourselves, I taught you to react allowing your Love to speak up and this because you have always been a heart, a Love facing a heart, a Love.

I taught you a lot about the Sky, many brothers have spoken with all of you so that you may understand that even the contact between the brothers of the Sky and the brothers of earth is a contact between a heart and many hearts, a contact of a Love with you, Love.

This message inside our heart is an invitation to think of yourselves, look at yourselves, reflect in the real image of yourselves, you are all Love, we are all Love and in your eyes this awareness becomes awareness of truth, Love in our eyes, and Love in your eyes.

Greater awareness and the eyes see the truth.

This is why the calling to your awareness is constant, to help you to exist in the truth starting from today.

There are many brothers who invest their time looking for material security, precious time spent looking for the truth, truth that comes from certainty, truth that comes from awareness, experience, real security and your being Love; certainty, security, awareness continue today and tomorrow, experience after experience, existence in your every existence.

And this is our invitation, let the truth of your being Love shine from your heart, since forever and forever.

With an explosion of all my Love from my heart for all my loved brothers and sisters who will listen to this teaching,

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 1st July 2006.


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