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Concept Of God On His Benevolence And On The Love Of God

Concept Of God On His Benevolence And On The Love Of God
My adored children, sweet children of my heart, today I am with you again, I am the Mother, today I am very happy to be with my son next to you to help you once again today with our great Love for you.
Are you ready? So let's begin by talking about the day and the night of the Soul.
I am making myself comfortable here next to you children and let's listen to this message, this teaching that my son Jesus Christ prepared for you.
I collect so many questions all the time from you, when in despair the light seems to have abandoned you, when darkness enters your heart, all of you think of is that I abandoned the light of our Love and the feelings that you feel are the consequence of the abandonment that you believe you have just witnessed.
But then the light always comes back, many situations resolve themselves, certainly also through your help and the help of your brothers and you will notice that within the truth our light never did abandon you.
Now think about your moment of darkness, just like a time when you experimented suffering, you experimented abandonment from the Sky, solitude, while now you can discern the more luminous aspects of this experience, don't forget the need for contact and the many brothers that you had next to you helping you and moreover remember those people who appeared in your life right at that time to give you affection and help you with their words, with messages of hope; remember that in those moments you were thinking even we had distanced ourselves from you but you now understand that inside the heart there had always been a light that invited you to hope and this helped you endure those situations without giving up; remember that passage like an important moment of your existence because even if you were in pain you learnt something that is precious about yourself and those brothers who are next to you and while you were learning you found the way to face and solve those problems you had; when you look back on those moments of complete darkness, you are aware that those were moments within that situation and all in all they were only a few moments compared to those that could have been experimented given the situation; think back on those dark moments, see them just as moments, just like moments, precious nonetheless because those moments were what pushed you to face and solve certain problems that you had.
Today think of this, while you are calm and immersed in the light of this change in your lives.
Brothers, what will happen when a new moment of darkness will happen to you?
Here is where all of your reflections will abandon you immediately and the new darkness has the same feelings of the past darkness.
My brothers let's try to understand the reason why, so that next time we will have another approach to our darkness.
Why is it that today you feel that the last situation you overcame was within your reach, within your grasp of what you could do to get out of it and now instead you think that this time around you can not manage this moment of darkness?
I want to explain the reason to you.
Once upon a time you believed that your God was very bad, they taught you that those brothers who were dying, those good brothers who died, died because this selfish God wanted them for himself and because he was so evil, he would derive great pleasure from your suffering, from your pain, from your desperation.
Over time this concept of God changed however the statements on his benevolence and on the love of God did not change at all.
The clergy of the Catholic Church, for example, often continue to talk to you of divine punishment for your many sins and this feeds in you the thought of a vindictive God.
Just in the same way as many priests also in the Catholic Church think that to be truly good means to shorten your existence because to be worthy of the Love of the Father means to reconnect to him.
Many priests of all Churches, retain and share with you the concept that the Love of God must be conquered through suffering, through the humiliation of pain and these, my dear and loved brothers, these are only a few of the examples of the reason why these concepts are still very much alive in you despite the fact that so much time has elapsed and you changed your vision of God, even after all this time.
Think with your heart, how is it possible, all this time has gone by and the concepts given to us remain unchanged over time despite this?
On the opposite of what you may believe, the real problem is that a lot of time has gone by but the concept of God has not changed at all.
People talk about Love all the time, but what kind of Love would harm its own loved creatures?
Do you see the enormous contradiction, do you notice that it's not possible for a source of Love to give birth to something that is not Love, despite this you still hesitate when faced with these messages from us.
Your own experience taught you the opposite of what the priests of the Churches on earth tell you, however you doubt the teaching of your own experience.
Do you really think that you do not represent an important point with your own experience?
Sweetest brothers, your experience, that which you lived, is the experience of all of you, those brothers who give up do so because they do not discern the help that has always always been given to them too, those brothers fall because they refuse the Love that is inside the help from their brothers and our help, some other brothers give up because they kill the hope that we always always send them, those brothers fall because they find it more difficult to put some effort into it so instead they let go.
Brothers, your experience, all of your experiences, ranging from the bad ones to those truly beautiful ones, are all teachings, you grow through every experience that you live, in the light just like in the darkness, these experiences teach you about yourselves, your brothers, Love, your Love, the Love of your brothers and our Love.
There is no experience that is not a teaching, even a brief contact is an experience; just like a great and precious contact is a complex experience, a brief contact has an element of experience.
Let's continue to talk of God, of the reason why this terrifying image of your Father has not changed yet despite the fact that all this time has elapsed. You hold the concept of a merciful Father, if he is Love, the concept of mercy is an integral part of the image of the Father, separating this concept from the idea of 'Father' means sending the idea that the Father may not necessarily be merciful, therefore evil.
You also hold another concept, that of the father that helps his children, separating this concept from the concept of the 'Father' gives the idea that the Father may possibly not give his help to his children.
Think about how many other concepts are sent to you that separate the concept of 'Father', this my brothers is what continues to feed in you the idea of a Father that may donate and then take back, help or ignore, reward or punish according to the sins, come to your rescue or not, depending on his will.
My brothers the Father is only Love, always Love, simply Love.
Remember this last sentence in those moments that may happen in your lives and in the lives of your many brothers, your Father is Love and he will be happy to share his great Love with all of you.
My brothers the message concludes here today with these last words. Reflect carefully on what you felt during your last dark moments and on what you discovered in that darkness of your experiences. Our help is truth, the help of your brothers is true truth, the hope that you feel in your hearts is truth, our Love is truth and the fact that our Father was at your side to help you with Love is truth.
This is the one and only great truth: our Father is Love.
I say goodbye for today together with the Virgin Mother Mary
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 18th May 2005
Title Concept Of God On His Benevolence And On The Love Of God
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