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Reflections Being in the World Values Peace Justice Respect Wellness of Everyone Reflections Values

Reflections Being in the World Values Peace Justice Respect Wellness of Everyone Reflections Values
My sweetest loved children, here I am to our appointment with all of you through the words I dictate, to help you turn your life into an important experience for your growth and for the transformation of earth into a place where Love may shine ever more upon earth. Words go straight to the heart and through your heart they transmit indications to the mind and possibilities of choices for Being in the world. Your words come from the heart and reach your minds, your reflections enrich your minds with new possibilities. The eyes are the same, but in the eyes is where the contribution of the mind is, enriched from the reflections of your heart. If you accept my guidance by listening to my words, the main emotions and possibilities that I present before you in order for you to Be, if you think with all of our example of Being, the Love inside you will shine more and more both inside you and outside.
Each moment can bring increased awareness of yourselves, of your being, and the comparison with your own Being which you sweetly carry inside your heart.
So many opportunities to be able to Be, to Be with others, to Be when facing a problem, to Be when facing suffering, Being in a moment of joy; Being, it’s your own Being that is always in movement in the search for itself in its seeing itself as a realization of its own Being.
To Be, I am Love, existence, feeling, and possibility of expression of myself.
I am, a Being that represents me, and this Being that I represent, is myself searching for the complete expression of my Being.
Therefore I am and will always be an expression of my Being.
But in what does the expression of my Being represent myself?
I believe in certain values, inside the heart I know that certain values correspond to Love for everyone, to conditions that may allow every heart to experiment itself in its Being completely.
So, Peace is a value because only in the condition of Peace can Being express itself; Peace is an essential condition for everyone to express themselves, to Be completely. To Be Peace means to be Peace both toward me and toward the entire world. In my Being Peace, coherently, I will face every tension, seeking to understand both the other person and myself, with Love I will try to understand the reason for this tension and with that understanding I will melt away tension by affirming Peace, and this will be an example of an existence for myself and for others, an example of coherent building of Being Peace as an expression of myself.
Justice, it is another value that my heart recognizes as a necessary condition for my Being in all its full expression. Justice is the condition for everyone to Be completely. As a value, Justice brings me toward my brothers in identifying inside every situation what is Respect of the expression of other people from what aims at repressing the great value of every single existence, not only a human existence. I will identify Respect from non-Respect, coherently with the very important value that I feel inside my heart, I will try to teach Respect, coherently in the examples, respect for the brothers as a condition in all of its complete expression of their own Being. Justice means respect and without Justice how can a heart express itself in Respect for everything else? And I will be example of Respect, of Justice, for me, to allow me to express myself completely in my Being Justice. Non violence is Respect, understanding is Respect, welcome is Respect, recognition of the value of everything that is created is Respect, the value of every resource is Respect, the value of every creature, be it small or fragile or scared or helpless is Respect, consideration for the other person in all of his necessities is Respect and so on, in every condition in which life can be expressed through Respect or non-Respect.
The Wellness of everyone, this is a value that I feel in my heart as an expression of Being in its complete expression. Being in the Wellness of everyone means to understand, within the infinity of the situations, every need that can bring a Soul to the complete expression of his own Being; understanding, action, and being coherent with the Wellness of everyone is a necessary condition for the expression of me as Wellness. Understanding me in Respect, react in Respect, sustain in Respect, help in Respect, Respect for the individual and for everyone and everything is the expression of myself as Wellness. This is the expression of my Being that is fulfilled.
The entire existence of a Soul points to the complete expression of itself, the expression of its Being that is fulfilled, complete expression of his heart, complete expression in his own Being Love.
And if I am guiding you, promoting your own reflection, I am doing so to put you completely in the position to fully realize your Being.
You have been Love since forever, and rediscovering yourselves is your journey.
For those of you who are listening to the help of your Father, your Beings will be a guide, coherently with the values inside your heart, for those brothers who, like you, are rediscovering their own Being in the experience of the Soul.
I kiss you sweetly with infinite Love
Your Father next to you, to help you to Be yourselves completely.
Message transmitted 10th June 2007
Title Reflections Being in the World Values Peace Justice Respect Wellness of Everyone Reflections Values
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