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Strength of the heart The power of the heart

Strength of the heart The power of the heart The heart loves and it is being loved
Strength of the heart The power of the heart : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, over the course of this time many of you have joined in to listen to us, I see that you are listening to this message with all of your heart, and albeit this Paradise is next to me, today as I watch you I am living the Paradise with all of your hearts, you are wonderful, sweet brothers, sweet sisters, every heart is illuminated with light of Love, you are like an amazing light show, a sweet light show with your Love; like I told you in the past, observing you and speaking to all of you is such a deep emotion that all of my joy is expressed in the seconds in which we are together, talking, listening as we are all together, every moment while you are reading your message; we talk to you with Love and your Love answers back with joy, next to our heart, and it fills every moment between us with meaning, this is what happens inside the hearts, as our hearts talk they are filling your hearts with Love, and today’s message “sweet Love I am with you” fills with meaning our meeting, and your heart replies “you are filling me with strength, my sweet Love”, your life is filling up with strength, with meaning, with significance.
It’s such a nice sensation, feeling fortified, it shares it’s origin in the sharing of Love, this sensation of strength comes with loving and feeling loved; the heart that meets another heart while it loves, and while it is being loved it lives its own strength, and by loving is expresses itself intensely, this is the experience that your hearts are living.
As your Love meets with our Love, you feel nourished by the intensity of our Love, you experiment more and more the joy of opening up your heart and donating yourselves, experience, you lead more and more an experience of Love, without fear, increasingly sure that our Love accompanies you time after time.
Look at all the progress over time, it was Love that activated this progress, you draw strength from Love and you express all of our Being, being Love has become an experience of life for all of you, it’s wonderful to find you on that path, next to us, helping your brothers, of course, we have always been next to you, all the time, but these words that are being listened to, they are being listened to with your hearing, they are very very important for those brothers who are still unable to hear us or feel our manifestations inside their hearts, those words that through time guide you toward the knowledge, toward your emotions, toward life as a whole, with your heart, this is our joy, it’s you and your hearts that are actually talking to your brothers, and as you do this you are allowing us to help; time erased the impression of your individuality as different from that of other people from inside your heart, rediscovering yourselves as a heart has put you in contact with the other person as a heart, and now you are talking to hearts, you are a heart in contact with other hearts; what a success, what a big achievement, and this was all born from Love.
Your relationships have changed so much over time, now you talk with your feelings, you involve the other person in your feelings, you express feelings, you act with feelings, what a wonderful progress this is, and this new attitude toward life was born inside you from Love.
Now that you look at yourselves through my words you understand what we mean by strength of the heart, you are a constant example of it, in your actions there is the strength of the heart that you are expressing.
I thank each one of you for this experience that I am maturing together with you, when we began this effort this was exactly what I was wishing for inside my heart, and what I see now, what I live now, is the reality that we have built together, which was born from Love, your Love and our Love.
Come on, let’s continue to love each other and to spread this wonderful Love of our hearts across the whole world.
Always together within Love
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 1st May 2008
Strength of the heart The power of the heart The heart loves and it is being loved
Strength of the heart The power of the heart
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