Love As A Reference Point Inside You

Love As A Reference Point Inside You Making Contact With Your Love
Love As A Reference Point Inside You : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, soon our Sara will leave for her vacation and then we will once again continue with our messages to dictate in September, for this reason, the conclusion of this period will be dedicated to Love as a reference point inside you; slowly slowly you understand that the feeling that moves inside you derives from the Love that is inside you, the Love is inside you and it’s your reference point; through Love, through your making contact with your Love, is how you gain experience, the heart guides you both through your experience with others and your experience with yourselves.
As you make contact with your heart, you gain experience from Love, the flow of emotions sends all of you the manifestation of your Love and as you love, the emotions that are transmitted by your Love place in front of your eyes the belief in the possibility of being a growing expression of the Love that is inside you; inside you is the expression of Love completely fulfilled and this brings you to love and to feel that you can be Love in an even more expanded mode, this is the stimulus that guides you and brings your heart to manifest yourselves even more in the Love, from inside out.
The fulfilled Love is inside you, and over time your growth path in the expression of fulfilled Love, is the objective of every heart.
Just like your Love is inside you to guide you for yourselves, so is the same Love guiding you in your experience towards others.
In the experience of contact with other hearts, an experience of the Love that moves towards its own fulfillment.
To the eyes of your brothers your Love expresses itself and the communication that brought you to express yourselves as Love is inside your being Love, as you express yourselves you are telling yourselves “today I am like this”, the Love you are feeling, the manifestation of me that is talking to you, this is the product of the experience of infinite Love that has always been inside me, and that I am slowly experiencing through my experience of Love; and what you are feeling is my today, but the experience of my continues on through the Love for which in my tomorrow the expression of me as Love in its utmost expression.
Expansion means experience of growth and this is what your process is, in the experience of you being Love is the gradual conquest of the completely fulfilled Love that is inside you.
Your experience moves through every meeting with the Love that is inside you, mobilized by each single meeting with other hearts, every meeting can be an occasion for you to register this contact inside your heart and brothers like you, as they communicate with you their own “today I am like this, but tomorrow" they place a question mark in front of your being Love at that moment, with that person, for that heart.
Your being Love speaks to you at that moment, is the act of helping a possibility of growth for both? is placing a word possibility of growth for both? is placing understanding possibility of growth for both? is making progress in your journey possibility of growth for both? is listening a possibility for growth for both? is placing Love possibility of growth for both?
Easier situations, more difficult situations, as your heart listens to the other heart your mobilized Love allows you to feel this, it’s an experience for everybody of their own Love, but it’s a uniquely different awareness of every heart of the fulfilled Love that it has been carrying inside since always; this listening is also important for your growth because being with others is always an opportunity to reflect on yourselves, its being is your past, what did you discover that brought you toward your heart? what did you experiment that eventually brought you to decide to listen to your heart? what did you understand when you listened to yourselves? if you communicate this to your brothers they can utilize it; Love turns its argument towards them by sweetly promoting movement inside the other person’s heart, this too is an experience of Love in you, the Love in you that involves another heart in its movement, you are in that brother’s past and the development in you can take place in the other heart too, and all is reflected in the help you donated, before you, and then with you.
I embrace you with all of my Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 14th July 2008
Love As A Reference Point Inside You Making Contact With Your Love
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