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The Existence Of The Truth

The Existence Of The Truth Feeling The Presence Of The Sky


The Existence Of The Truth : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today, as always, the Sky is full of your questions, requests of intervention, requests of solution to big problems, you ask for help with your heart, you ask us to intercede for other people, for brothers, for yourselves and every time you call, I welcome each one of your requests, and the solution to offer you is always within me, but bringing you a solution does not necessarily equate with bringing you the solution you originally asked for, I bring the solution that will help you evolve, help you grow, lead you towards the solution, but with a growth of your being Love and always at your side is our help when, in desperation, you do not believe you are able to even take one more step, and invent in those moments when death wraps you in a cloak of pain and sadness, we are with you, together, next to you, to guide you to make contact with the existence of the truth.


This is our constant effort, precise, daily, with all of you loved brothers and loved sisters, who are still living on earth.


It’s important that the Sky listens to you, it’s important to welcome the help that will surely arrive from the Sky.


My loved brothers and my loved sisters, often we notice, on the other hand, that the many solutions that we propose are not heeded, and if all of this is different from what you believe to be a solution, then you believe that you are being abandoned, that you are not listened to, and so you place distances in your heart from our help.


My loved and precious brothers, and my loved and precious sisters, help, for all of us from the Sky, it means to help you by placing ourselves next to you to make you able to face whatever life is throwing at you, what kind of strength would you feel if you did not feel our presence next to you, what kind of Love would you feel if you did not feel the Love next to you, and what kind of joy would you feel if you did not feel the Sky next to you, this distance between life and the Sky, how could you feel it vanish away if you did not perceive the Sky next to you?


This is what helping you means to us, it means feeling the presence of the Sky in you, and then when all is resolved, you are left with the experience of the help, you are left with the presence of the Sky, you are left with the eternal certainty that when in need, there is always the presence of help from the Sky.


And so it is that inside your heart this meaning of presence has communicated Love, and now it becomes a moment of growth, and in this lays the meaning of the help that we brought to you.


The meaning of the help brought to you is neither the Sky nor earth, only units of all the children of the Father, everyone is Love, everyone is important, nobody is excluded, because we are unity as children of God.


Do you understand the importance of our presence in the growth of this unity? This is where the value lays, the meaning of our help.


And for today I explained to you that, for us, this is the objective of growth, the recognition of our union and through the help we give you experience of unity.


I embrace you with Love, always with you,


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Existence Of The Truth Feeling The Presence Of The Sky was the Messages from Jesus Christ 23 April 2009


The Existence Of The Truth Feeling The Presence Of The Sky


The Existence Of The Truth


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