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Passion From The Heart Desire Of Joy

Passion From The Heart Desire Of Joy For The World


Passion From The Heart Desire Of Joy : my precious brothers and my precious sisters, here I am to you with joy in my heart, this passion that I have for you moves inside me the joy at helping you.; this passion that flows from my heart is still the manifestation of the Love I am feeling inside for each one of you, I would love for you to feel my emotion, this joy at helping you, at holding you in my arms and guiding you to the discovery of the immense Love that inside each of your hearts; the joy is pushed by the passion that sends you the Love as it helps you, Love that I feel inside me just at the thought of it, aahh, I would love to donate so much Love to you, rivers of joy, realization, seeing you happy is the desire of my heart.


All right, let’s continue


My loved brothers, my loved sisters, today in your hearts there are dreams, dreams of fulfillment of yourselves, they are dreams of peaceful cohabitation, they are dreams of conquered freedom, and joy in the hearts, the dream of a humanity that can identify itself in the respect for everyone and Love for everyone, joy in the heart at the conquest of every conflict, being brothers that make their Love their only flag, these are your dreams and our own desires.


Often the pain you feel inside you comes from seeing that your dream is far away from its realization, often you feel with great pain the regression instead of a step forward in the realization of the dream, often you react with pain even to your brothers who do not understand the joy that could come from a realized dream and the deep pain that you are feeling at not being listened to, at not being followed, at them not being at your side in your realization of your nice dream.


Brothers, sisters, what you feel in the heart coming from the Love, rather than a dream is a hope of a fulfilled Love, your Love pushes you to fulfill itself for the greater good, for the joy in a world that tries to fulfill itself through the millennia.


The Love you carry is a desire of joy for the world, for all brothers and sisters that are building their experience on earth. Brothers, sisters, the joy of contributing during your journey is in the Love, adding changes to changes that many of you are bringing on earth; change, evolution, this is what you bring when you mobilize your passion, as you seek to fulfill a dream; being in the dream, you are in your dream, in it’s realization, every time you bring the passion of the fulfilled dream in the Love.


Being that dream just like in this moment, a moment when I feel the entire humanity fulfilled, this moment made up of emotion and words, this moment has built, listening has fulfilled the reality of the dream in this moment, reality of the dream that becomes a seed that builds the next moment of reality of dream.


Look, my attention is on the present moment, it’s in this moment that I am living my dream and it’s in this precise moment that I live the reality of my dream, and I build for the future in the precise moment in which I live my dream.


Understand with me the importance of today, of this precise moment, this is what makes dreams come true.


I am with you, all of my heart is with you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Passion From The Heart Desire Of Joy For The World was the Messages from Jesus Christ 28th May 2009


Passion From The Heart Desire Of Joy For The World


Passion From The Heart Desire Of Joy


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