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The Music Of The Passion

The Music Of The Passion Agreement In The Heart


The Music Of The Passion : my loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, with all of my heart I am with you, I send my light upon you, I send you my Love, I donate all of myself today once again; I am speaking to you and I feel my heart illuminate, my Love reaches those hearts that are listening and this for me is an experience of joy, all of the passion that I feel, I want to send it to you to help you, my heart asks to donate to you all of this passion that I feel for you; here, I listen to my heart, the passion I feel, the Love I feel, the desire to donate myself, this is the agreement I feel from the heart, this is the music that I feel growing inside me, these notes, these tunes, this is my heart for you.


I just want to love you, participate with my help to your life, your life on earth and teach you with all of my words to be more and more Love, so that inside your heart you may be able to feel more and more the Love manifesting itself, and the experience of donating yourselves. In front of me I have no other prospects other than to love you, I ask for nothing for me, I just want to love all of you brothers and sisters.


I know that for you the life you lead on earth creates tension, things to do, the many requests to meet, the plan of the life you have programmed for your growth, all this generates tension, however if you interrogate your heart it will tell you that, within its project, what it feels inside is the desire to expand its Love, illuminate with its light, being an experience of Love, being a gift to its loved ones, being this experience at all times. The Love that is inside you, if asked, gives you this reply. Notice the notes inside you, this is your real music. Life can be invaded by notes, you play your concert, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning your symphony begins, you think of your day as an opportunity to expand yourselves, to be light, to make your own experience from the heart, to be an experience of Love.


Place your heart before everything else, before your commitments, before every minute put your minute from the heart, before doing and accomplishing things from your existence, place the doing from your heart, and the existence from the heart, before your own experience place your experience from inside your heart, before your project you are working on, place the precious project of your heart.


This message of music will then fill your life.


With wonderful Love, I accompany you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The Music Of The Passion Agreement In The Heart was the Messages of Jesus Christ 2nd July 2009


The Music Of The Passion Agreement In The Heart


The Music Of The Passion


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