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The Passion Of The Heart Love

The Passion Of The Heart Love On The Field


The Passion Of The Heart Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, so, the act of existing, to exist, means to put your heart out there, it’s being yourselves in the feeling, it’s giving a voice to your heart, this is passion; each one of you, who is in contact with the reality of earth, feels different emotions inside, ranging from joy to suffering, this is your heart, it is in your emotions, in your passion.


It is better to differentiate between emotions that you feel inside from your passion. In every contact with heart you collect messages; these messages in the heart place reactions, and inside you your emotions reflect your heart, your degree of freedom or limitation. In freedom you will be the same in your answer, in limitations you will feel a suffering at not being able to be your true selves. These emotions inside you are linked to making contact with every single heart around you.


This language of the heart is different from passion, because in our definition of passion there is the great movement that involves the heart of brothers. Love out in the field, oriented toward the world of brothers.


In contact with life, with reality, with many different situations, with the many collective problems, the heart feels the emotion activate, feeling the need to go out and transform what is now pain into joy; this is what passion is: feeling the solution to the pain through transformation.


From schools to hospitals, from the discomfort of the oldest to that of the youngest creature, men, infants, children, women, teenagers, young adults, through their problems come the topics of sufferings; from justice to freedom once again are the topics of suffering; all problems to do with exploitation of our earth, of human beings, here are more topics of suffering; peace, aggression, conflicts, desperation of those who live their lives in misery, here they are in front of your eyes, in front of your heart, more topics of suffering.


This is what passion is: on the field, Love on the field, commitment, availability to take the problem upon yourselves and, at the precise moment in time you take on the commitment, to transform into joy the pain that is felt and is communicated from our reality, from the world of brothers.


In every instant that you work on it, you are evolving thanks to your passion, you work for yourself, your passion is being deployed on the field, transforming a reality of pain into a reality of joy.


This love on the field is what you have admired in the lives of your brothers who took upon themselves the pain before you, to transform it into a reality of joy. What you collect and transform will be your heredity for many other hearts, and in the end will be the complete transformation.


With us next to you, for the goodness of humanity, our Love.


In the peace, your brother Jesus Christ


The Passion Of The Heart Love On The Field was the Message dictated 21 September 2009


The Passion Of The Heart Love On The Field


The Passion Of The Heart Love


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