To Promote A Path Of Growth With Awareness

To Promote A Path Of Growth With Awareness messages


To Promote A Path Of Growth With Awareness : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, here I am with you, the light of my heart shines with Love for you, here I am with you, with joy in my heart, here I am with you to tell you that my heart beats entirely for you, may my joy and my Love accompany you throughout your day, and may the joy I feel illuminate your way, always together, you and I; today, brothers and sisters, let’s reflect on your relationship with us.


Lately the relationship has intensified a lot, thanks to the help from the numerous messages that we spread on earth.


There are more and more brothers and sisters who listen to us and use their own heart and make it fully available to be an interface with the Sky.


These beloved people are the progress that we notice, much to our happiness.


It is true that lately the progress reached so far has brought many problems to the surface, with respect to the entire creation and all creatures, the necessity to harmonize progress and nature, the great powers that lose consensus and the humanity’s need to establish itself through participation and choices that you deem to be democratic, the need for rediscovery of humanity in its difference, integrating religions and cultures, this is what is happening nowadays, and this evolution that is in the heart of humanity is also reaching the Sky as a possibility for listening, a possibility for contact between Sky and earth, as a possibility to be in contact, and within this there is full recognition of the reality of earth, reality of other planets, reality that the universe contains the Sky and all creatures of our creation.


More and more we witness requests to us to communicate for the goodness of brothers, messages to allow everyone to grow, to promote a path of growth with awareness.


And we answer “Careful", being with us is very demanding, being with us affects your heart, which first of all asks itself about its own evolution and the constant message means constant evolution, and constant questioning of yourselves, it’s placing yourselves in front of your own eyes and asking yourselves about the evolution that you very slowly achieved, a constant message is where you are always placing yourselves under scrutiny, and this is the evolution that depends on this contact with us. Placing yourselves under constant scrutiny is not that simple.


Brothers, sisters, this is the contact with Love, you need to be sure you want to accept all this, your humanity has needs, but with the contact with the Sky the priorities are different, this is what I want to tell you, being with us is a priority above all other needs of your humanity, when the Sky gives you a task, this is a priority.


My brothers and sisters, there are many essential interventions that you can bring about on earth to promote evolution among your brothers, every action you take that translates among you the desire to bring evolution is an essential intervention. Brothers, sisters, placing your own humanity, promoting your interventions is always equal to bringing an important stimulus, it’s essential, it’s an important to evolution, and even being brothers among brothers is an essential intervention.


For us, on the other hand, it is essential that a brother or a sister place her complete availability in first place, in the name of their brothers.


To these people, Love answers to helping humanity.


Now that I explained to you what the Sky asks of you, you need to question yourselves and your own humanity.


My Love shines for you, for all hearts of the creation.


Your brother Jesus Christ, within Love.


To Promote A Path Of Growth With Awareness was the Message dictated 25th February 2010


To Promote A Path Of Growth With Awareness messages


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