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Being Truly Yourselves Being In The Center

Being Truly Yourselves Being In The Center Of Your Own Equilibrium


Being Truly Yourselves Being In The Center : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today my Love for you reminds you that in your journey what you will  meet is always an opportunity for you to gain experience, experience of you, of the feelings that activate inside you and even of the Love that is always present in you; through experience, through every experience, you can mature the journey of growth that is bringing you toward your own fulfillment; being truly yourselves, being that fulfilled Love, always being in the center of your own equilibrium, being above contingent reactions, going through the road of life in every experience.


In every experience you face there is the moment of growth, a moment in the journey toward your fulfillment.


When you go through every moment of your life, you understand how this event is always an opportunity of growth.


May the Love you carry inside you illuminate the judgment, the vision and the action to take.


The Love that beats inside you can be the guide in your event, so many brothers suffer and ask support from their hearts in order to survive the suffering, I think of those brothers who, in their sickness, ask for strength from their hearts to face the sickness and overcome it, and find harmony again; I think of the many difficulties that you find on earth, and you ask your heart to overcome events and solve problems.


What you call upon, what you turn to for help, is your Love, the Love that is for you and is for others.


There are many brothers in difficult situations, they ask for courage from their own Love, and also for a guide to find the best way.


My brothers, my sisters, your act of asking yourselves starting from Love is what determines your whole growth.


As you make contact, as you ask your own Love, there is the step to your own growth. The heart turning to the event is the Love that is being experimented, and it determines the growth for you in the Love.


Every experience is like a field that needs to be ploughed, sowed and prepared to place a single seed inside each little slot, you need to water it all the time, you need time before a flower can finally bloom, my brothers, this is the same as Love, it needs understanding, understanding of all aspects of the problems, and then slowly slowly, with Love, it faces them, the field has been sowed with Love, it will be a harvest of Love. It is experience of life my brothers and sisters, and it is experience of growth.


Life on earth is a constant opportunity to place Love, Love for yourselves and for your own brothers, do seek the opportunity to transform it into an opportunity by using your own Love, your own feeling, guiding you along your journey.


In front of every situation, first of all lay still and observe, then use your Love to be your guide.


With you, your Love,


Your brother Jesus Christ


Being Truly Yourselves Being In The Center Of Your Own Equilibrium was the Message dictated 23 April 2010


Being Truly Yourselves Being In The Center Of Your Own Equilibrium


Being Truly Yourselves


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