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Love These Days Technology Is Exchanging

Love These Days Technology Is Exchanging Knowledge


Love These Days : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this time, this time is truly beautiful, the information exchanged with your brothers at lightning speed, this technology permits meetings among brothers in far away places, your images make it possible to have a contact even with the eyes of people, events, and all novelties; this is your time, the time of contact with the world through technology.


I remember there were brothers a while ago, during the development of the computer, who were perplexed, what images from the world were going to come through from those little boxes? Now that the computer is available to many, you have learned to utilize it for your chores and especially for your contacts.


Many brothers meet on purpose through these opportunities, and enter into relations of time and places that are ideal for that time of their lives. You just need to wait a little bit, or maybe it will happen instantaneously, this in the various forms of contact.


Therefore it’s especially the contact that is offered in its various forms through technology. The time of contact is beautiful.


On your computers you exchange words, images, a heart exchanges the reality that it is seeing, that is living in the emotion, you share your reality through your computer. Technology gave you this opportunity and you utilize it to bring to others what you feel in the world, This is the answer to what those brothers were afraid of, what part of the world is brought into those little boxes, it’s exactly the feeling of each one of you as it experiments, gets to know and lives in the world.


For many brothers the times passed with that technology would not have been life, technology would not have been reality and you are breaking that theory too because the contact with others, in addition to the reality also mirrors the feelings. Every contact is utilized in the reality of life that is lived, in everything, even in the affection you exchange. There are many who exchange Love, many share moments of life, in front of their eyes the images, and a lot of knowledge that the eyes can pick up as you exchange it with each other. Technology is therefore also a means of exchanging knowledge. This is the reality of your time, a beautiful time.


My brothers, these opportunities you feel, they are opportunities that you use, and in this moment, where I too use this same technology to add my own words, comes the opportunity to add my eyes to yours, to share my life, bring my emotions to you, bringing the words of the Sky to you, words that eliminate distance, words that in an instant reach you, all of your hearts, and fill this reality with Love.


Often you ask “Why is he speaking from the computer?” and in these words is the answer, this too is contact, and your technology establishes a contact; it’s an exchange of feeling, of Love, of passion and you exchange your own feeling thanks to this technology; it’s a reality of what the eyes see and how this technology allows all this to you and us. And I add Love thanks to your technology.


I love you , I embrace all of you, this is the moment where my heart feels so full of Love for you, my eyes transform for you into two great hearts, an image of my eyes full of Love for you, and that are speaking of Love.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Love These Days Technology Is Exchanging Knowledge  is the Message dictated 14th June 2010




Love These Days Technology Is Exchanging Knowledge


Love These Days


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