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Advantages And Consequences Of Actions

Advantage And Consequences Of Actions messages


Advantages And Consequences Of Actions : my dear and beloved brothers, my dear and beloved sisters, my eyes once again today are looking at this moment you are going through, I know, there are many problems, the constant insecurity, the news from your media are full of horrors and even the weather brings further damage and harm, and again those types of fights that determine those clashes, I see everything, and yet I gather courage, and speak to you of Love; in everything you ask there is always Love, it’s everywhere, it’s with everyone; Love and desire for life, what I gather from the experience of life determines my behavior, it determines the course of every action, it determines the answer to my action, this is what determines your existence and is determined by your existence.


For many of you living an experience is like carrying yourselves through the situations without listening to the heart, just through the usual reactions to every event that happened, there is only reaction to a situation, but not reflection; for other brothers, for other sisters, the interpretation of every situation brings them to think of the heart, what happened is determined by the heart, I understand the pain that the action caused, I understand the insecurity that determined that way of reacting, I understand the advantage that he thought for himself in that moment, I even understand the advantage for others that determined their decision to use force. I even understand these factors through listening to the hearts. But did what happen bring advantage to the consequence?


Here my brothers, my sisters, is the element of reflection that I brought today, the advantage, is an essential element.


If these actions want to bring advantage in existing, what is considered an advantage is a more favorable existence for that heart, this is the fundamental element for our actions: the consequences of every action must build an advantage for the heart in its existence, otherwise the disadvantage brought about will become an additional problem for that heart in its existence.


The consequences, this is the problem.


When we start off listening to the inside of ourselves every time problems present themselves, we listen inside us to the emotion that we are expressing, in the listening to the heart the problem highlights as our heart is not free to express itself in full freedom in that moment; what we carry, in the shape of a problem, is a necessity of our heart, a good thing for us, an advantage for us in life, how can my actions bring about advantage for my heart in the consequences of what I will do? You will find the answer, and it will be an advantage.


Help will come from the heart if, as you will be among your brothers, you will involve their hearts. Freedom is the expression of a real necessity that the heart is registering, and the advantage that the heart is feeling as it brings, in complete freedom, what the heart is feeling inside. And in the other heart your necessities will be heard.


I shall say goodbye my brothers, my sisters, think about listening to the necessities that you bring, and the consequences that you bring into your lives.


With Love, your brother Jesus Christ


Advantages And Consequences Of Actions was the Message dictated 15th November 2010




Advantages And Consequences Of Actions messages


Advantages And Consequences Of Actions


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