Moments of listening and reflecting

Moments of listening and reflecting inside you


Moments of listening and reflecting : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, here I am among you with my heart full of joy, I am full of joy for you who are listening to our messages, you prepare your heart with the right predisposition to listen and to reflect.


Often words create doubts, these moments you are experiencing could contain a teaching, some advice along the road that you are going through, and in this modesty you are going into your heart and listening to my words.


Often listening means reflecting on what was communicated, and there is always something in the intention to help us that becomes a treasure in order to continue with your experience.


This is the joy you give me: listening, reflecting, and elements as a treasure inside you.


Many brothers and sisters today are here because they are working on their constant growth, and they are experiencing moments when their hearts are often encouraged to surrender themselves fully to Love, giving full expression of the Love they feel, however, in other moments they are full of discouragement because this heart, in order to beat, needs the presence of other brothers to stimulate it to surrender to Love again, and if the stimulation is missing, then these brothers do not have the emotion in their heart, and this vacuum of emotions becomes a negative emotion for those hearts.


The heart that waits to beat, a stimulation, this heart has meaning in what it contains when it is making itself available, this Love inside you, this Love that is part of you,, this Love is your reality, regardless from all that is external.


You are blessed if you understand the fundamental concept: you are constant Love in existence. Love as a constancy of your Being. This Love you carry is already being in existence. Inside you is the constant Being Love.


The importance of the outside is to allow you to experiment yourselves, but you Being Love is already inside you.


Brothers, sisters, reflecting on yourselves is very important, reflecting on what you are as a heart, reflecting on your Love that is constant in you.  Love that exists and is already in you and is constancy inside you. This, my brothers and sisters, makes those moments only opportunities where you do not experiment yourselves, there is no vacuum, no sadness, only moments where there is calm at just being yourselves.


You live a situation and then there is calm, a new situation arises and then another moment of calm, this: experimentation and then calm, a new experimentation and then renewed calm. Understanding your own reflection and then calm and what you have understood becomes treasure in the calm.


I embrace you with all of my heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Moments of listening and reflecting inside you was the Message dictated 9th December 2010




Moments of listening and reflecting inside you


Moments of listening and reflecting The words of the Angels