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Can our love relationship be determined

Can our love relationship be determined by the Sky? Answer’s Message


Can our love relationship be determined : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today I will touch on a subject that is very important for many brothers and sisters: how we choose a woman or a man to be with you in your journey; you ask the famous question “could it be heaven that sent me this person, or did this person enter my life simply because he or she liked me?”


The unknown is worthy of an answer.


You see, my dear ones, it’s wonderful to see you in Love, your hearts fluttering, a brother, a sister, suddenly they reach the top of the list of the most important people for your affection, everything speaks to you of love my brothers and sisters, even the usual streets you take seem to shine anew, even trees seem to celebrate, there is only one word for it, Love, in everything. Everything is in the Love and every moment is in the Love, and earth welcomes your Love in this beautiful meaning.


These raw emotions send you zest for life, to live these moments is bliss, and from your heart you continue to experience Love. You feel such a sweet feeling when you think of the other, and you wish to meet all the time, the search has stopped, no more looking, no more unsuccessful meetings, it’s arrived, Love has arrived. Love has arrived forever, thanks to the Sky who placed this Love in my path.


So, the Love just started and you ask us if this is one of our interventions. How can Love seek a companion for you on earth? Love chose the person and presented her to me? Are you on earth imagining this possibility, or did Love truly present you the love of your life?


This question makes you assert yourselves, did Love choose for you, did it impose this determination, but Love can not impose anything on us … and so, does this mean that those you choose are only your choice?


Here is the answer from the Sky: you meet people all the time, in the street, at work, even at school, it’s a constant meeting, then one day in your heart you sense a special meaning, Love is activating, a brother, a sisters, they are not indifferent to you in their body, in what they say, in what they send to you from their heart when they speak, and this is the Love that gains access to that person, the Sky suggests the experience of Love by speaking to your hearts, because through an experience of Love you gain knowledge of the entire universe made of feelings, and your feelings represent you when you love from the heart; you are in the feeling that is representing you, and therefore you are in contact with the Love that you carry, therefore you only learn by loving.


There is no imposition form the Sky, only suggestions, because only when you love you can have a relationship with the feelings that are inside you.


Now you can eliminate the question mark, you have a new story, a Love story, go ahead and live with all of yourselves the feeling that makes your heart shine, the joy, the waiting, this luminous star that is you when you are in love.


A sweet wish: may your heart express itself in the intensity of Love for an entire life. May this Love you carry in the heart give you happiness.


As always to your side


Your brother Jesus Christ


Can our love relationship be determined by the Sky? Answer’s Message was the Message dictated 24th January 2011




Can our love relationship be determined by the Sky? Answer’s Message


Can our love relationship be determined


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