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Donating life through your effort

Donating life through your effort every day


Donating life through your effort : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am with you, next to you, bringing a message of help to your heart in its difficulty of living life among the many emotions that meet over the course of your days; when you walk, when you meet someone, when you are busy with your work, your feelings not always express calm, a sweet possibility to be your donated assignment, the sweet thought of fulfilling it for yourselves, for your loved ones, for the many brothers and sisters that turn to you and ask for your effort; often you experience your commitments as demanding, an effort that takes away time from something else that would make you happy, and how does the heart react to these thoughts? by getting fatigued; if at the sweet thought of donating life through your effort you heart opens up and expands, the opposite thought contracts life and places tiredness in your actions; when this happens to you, it causes pain and makes you question your choices.


That’s when your new motivation suffer from these emotions that you feel in the heart, and that’s when you would rather erase your effort, to regain your full freedom. In the heart you feel a sensation of uselessness, an increasingly noticeable tiredness of the body, and many emotions simply shut down in that heart. Life, a heavy burden to drag behind you, which gets heavier with every day.


You see, everything begins with the heart when it shuts down, when it no longer recognizes the validity of the affection that is in its own effort.


The heart, as I have reminded you on several occasions, is of feeling a Love that wants to express itself, and through your action you are the ones that express your emotions through your effort. In front of your eyes is a creature, a creature to love, all of your effort is for that creature, you give your hands, your mouth, your thoughts to your heart so it can express itself. Your existence is the recognition of what you bring, and every single expression of the heart is the recognition of what you bring, this Love you transmitted is your treasure from your experience. When you look into the Love you bring joy, when a brother turns to you and you look from Love, the effort becomes an opportunity to give and to live an experience of Love, and when in front of your eyes you still have a need, there is still another possibility for Love. Through these eyes, when the night comes, you will keep inside you all of the important moments of your life in your day, a treasure, and you will not think of life as tiring.


“And now we shall take care of ….” becomes “My heart now will deal with …." and life reaches meaning in this Love that is communicated from the heart.


My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, what is important in your every single effort, in every choice you matured is not to reach some status, but it’s to live the effort you chose, you are the ones who, through the choices you brought with you into the world, you bring a possibility for your heart to express itself through the choices you make, an expression that for you is ideal of your choices. Love is your expression, and giving yourselves possibility to Be in the Love is only as you look at your heart, time after time after time in your life, looking at life from your heart.


This is Being in the Love: looking from the heart.


To my eyes, your hearts listening to me now are communicating freedom, a need to express itself in the freedom, choosing your look, the look of the heart is freedom.


I embrace you my brothers,  my sisters, what a sweet atmosphere are creating our hearts, all united now in the Love.


In the Love your brothers Jesus Christ


Donating life through your effort every day was the Message dictated 7th February 2011




Donating life through your effort every day


Donating life through your effort


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