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The meaning of every experience in life

The meaning of every experience in life Being means conquering


The meaning of every experience in life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, wherever your light shines, our Love is next to you, anywhere, there is presence of us for all creatures; my sweet, beloved ones, life around you sees us next to you in every situation; this presence is clearer, more evident to some of you, this is only the consequence of the openness of your heart, coming toward us is noticing our permanent presence in the many situations, Love accompanies and offers itself on earth, support on which you can walk, and in this walk there is a constant presence of Love next to you, Love that through the experience gives you the opportunity to place your own Love as your guide.


For you, for many brothers and sisters, Being means conquering, Being an expression of Love is conquering, sweet moment when you feel your Love being expressed, sweet expression of your Being and this is Love next to you, that allows you to Be.


You are on the road of experience, in this bond with us, and through this experience we present you occasions for you to become your greatest expression, being a heart, being spiritual, being the Soul that you are in reality.


Understanding that this journey on earth is a reality of experimentation highlights the meaning of every experience, you are experimenting yourselves with every expression of yourselves, you are experimenting yourselves in your Being, situation by situation, since you bring yourselves into every situation, since you feel inside you the contact with that moment, especially in that precise experience, experimenting yourselves in every situation is a precious experience, tapping from Love to just Be.


This is the baggage that you carry into your lives, this Being that has experimented itself moment after moment, this Being that manifested, this Being that has been perceived, this Being that sees earth but through the eyes of Spirit.


Brothers, sisters, time is not defined by timetables, time for you is the time that you built for yourselves as you experimented yourselves, and even if it was just one minute, it would be a treasure forever if it was done to experiment yourselves.


Life draws meaning from moments like these. The Light that is always inside you guides you to be a constant experience of yourselves. We are with you, next to you, united to your heart so that the experience may allow your full expression.


I embrace you with My Love.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The meaning of every experience in life Being means conquering was the Message dictated on 21 March 2011




The meaning of every experience in life Being means conquering


The meaning of every experience in life


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