The meaning of Being on life on earth

The meaning of Being on life on earth the heart is the center of life


The meaning of Being on life on earth : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, in this moment you are going through life, your existence, however temporary, life on earth is an experience, precious experience of what you are, in a context that is far away from our Sky and with our presence denied to your eyes, a presence that is denied to your eyes to understand in complete freedom the meaning of Being.


There are many among you brothers and sisters who ask themselves about existence, about the meaning of Being, on the meaning of this moment of life on earth, and ask themselves about the journey that awaits them. Does maturing experience mean gaining experience through events, especially of myself, of how I am in that event? How I am in the event I am going through? How I am while I go through moments of an existence built of a succession of moments? I explore myself, I see myself, do I see myself react in the moments I come across in life? Is my Love fully engaged in every moment, can I feel myself, do I pay attention to what is moving inside me? In this freedom I have, an I make the Love I am feeling evident? Do I express in my gestures, my words, my attitude what I am feeling inside me? Do I have freedom of being? Do I have freedom to express myself to others as a value?


I listen, paying attention to what moves inside me leads me to living myself in the expression of myself in those moments, I understand myself as I listen, it’s an experience of me to live every moment, what I just expressed is me in that very moment, does this reflect me? Often the answer is yes, as long as I am in freedom, but the answer sometimes is no if I am denying myself that freedom. I know the conditions that limit my freedom and I still ask myself about the value, whose freedom I am denying. I am still facing my life as an experience and I am still maturing in my path of growth, experience, experience still inside me.


And so, my brothers and my sisters, this is the journey you are all taking, the heart is the center of life, the heart is the core of the experience you are maturing, the expression of you, the expression of you as a heart, and what you are conquering through your moments on earth, the Me that you are getting to know through your moments on earth; I am freedom and affection and attention, I am value expressed in freedom, value that feels and loves its own kindred spirits, recognizing the same value in each one. This is what you are in our Sky, this is what you are  now on earth, the journey you are maturing through moments on earth is freedom to be what you already are.


Every brother, every sister is Love, Love that seeks itself, Love that expresses itself from the heart, seeking itself, Love that meets obstacles in its search of what we are in the truth, Love that knows, and sometimes deceives itself into thinking that earth is the only truth, Love that needs to test before it is convinced that he is also Love; Being Love is a conquest, Being value is a conquest, Being freedom is a conquest.


With much, much Love, I say goodbye to you brothers and sisters, may my words today be a beacon for each one of you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The meaning of Being on life on earth the heart is the center of life  was the Message dictated 5th December 2011




The meaning of Being on life on earth the heart is the center of life


The meaning of Being on life on earth The words of the Angels