Feeling as a guide on earth

Feeling as a guide on earth trusting what is being felt


Feeling as a guide on earth : in today’s message I want to answer you, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, answering the many questions to send to Us during the many moments in your journey on earth; there are moments when you share your hopes with Us from your heart, there are moments when you share your needs from your heart, moments when, while in some pain, you ask for comfort, an answer, understanding the meaning, help in coping with this pain, as well as many other answers that you ask from us during the many moments you are going through, you ask Us about choices, if a certain person is the right one, if the life ahead of you will be full of satisfactions, if your project will be revealed to you, if your Love will be forever, words to Us asking for help in handling this existence and living it with our certainty at the helm.


I know that, inside, you have the possibility to feel with all of your emotions, both in the emotions you felt and those that are transmitted to you by a brother, I know that you have intuition to understand this reality, I know that while you listen, your thoughts notice many things, even now as we are speaking, there is great activity in your heart and in your mind; this is called feeling.


That which you feel is what is guiding you in this moment. Feeling, as a guide, belongs to you, and is in front of your eyes in this precise moment. Your entire feeling is activated through your listening.


The heart decides whether to entrust itself in this moment that it is living, or not, this is the point.


Trusting what is being felt; in front of the eyes is a dream, a desire, a need, a great proposal, could it be in line with what you are feeling? Will you heed the dream, the proposal, or, what if your feeling is not confirmed?


Here is life, leading you as you trust your feelings, there, you are leading life leaning on your certainty: what you hear as you listen.


When you will have in front of your eyes a person speaking to you, when you will hear words spoken to you, listen, listen to your emotions, the thought that registers, because only by listening to yourselves will you build certainty in your step.


Surrender fearlessly to your feelings, the more you entrust yourselves to your feelings, and the wider is the range of your feelings, and your certainty in the entrusting to your feelings.


Even your contribution will reach you through your heart, a contribution that, while not leading, will allow you to be in the safety of your guide.


Help reaches every heart, as you listen, you help yourselves.


I embrace you in the heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Feeling as a guide on earth trusting what is being felt was the Message dictated 22nd March 2012




Feeling as a guide on earth trusting what is being felt


Feeling as a guide on earth


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