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To stop every form of confrontation

To stop every form of confrontation is Love


To stop every form of confrontation : my beloved and precious sons and my beloved and precious daughters, your tomorrow will be the result of the Love that even in the present moment you will place around yourselves, as you live it from the heart; remember these words, this precious advice, when you look around, take on the responsibility for every moment of disagreement, of every argument, of every contradiction, in the moments where you think that a brother is really angering you, and from inside the heart you remember with Love that “it’s because he is so young”, “ it’s because he is too nervous”, “it’s because he is not having a good day”, “he was angry before he saw me”, “it’s because …” you seek in that moment the reason using your Love, the reason why he brought you that tension that you are now living, and if you do not refer to Love, in that brief moment, that moment of conflict will turn into a real argument.


It’s truly important to stop the confrontation, reflecting, placing calm in the feeling, accepting that tension, and turning Love into the opportunity to avoid recurring to violence in the confrontation.


Taking the responsibility to stop every form of confrontation is Love, Love wants a meeting, Love forgives, Love seeks what is propitiatory for staying in peace.


There are other moments to talk, to reach an agreement, to be united and express yourselves in the emotions you felt, you experienced, inasmuch as you understood, regardless of it being right or wrong.


In many brothers and sisters there is the belief that confrontation is freedom of one’s own thoughts, freedom when faced with the oppression that the brother is bringing, freedom of your value that is feeling attacked, in reality a confrontation is never an expression of Love for the other, nor respect or desire for peace; conflict calls for separation, Love calls for unity.


Do you understand how important it is to refer to Love to build peace all around you? Do you understand the responsibility that each one of you has in being able to affirm the peace around you? Do things starting from Love, this can build your ever so precious peace for your tomorrow.


Starting today, act with responsibility, give your heart a voice, seek union with your brothers, do things for Love, build your tomorrow’s peace.


I am with you in the morning, I walk next to you till night, I cover you with Love in your sleep.


Your Father from the Sky


To stop every form of confrontation is Love was the Message dictated 14th May 2012




To stop every form of confrontation is Love


To stop every form of confrontation


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