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Service of Love occasions to donate

Service of Love occasions to donate yourselves to others in the Love


Service of Love occasions to donate : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, on this day, the impression of you, of your eyes who think as if in front of your eyes you saw my end, the cross, all my great pain, and the tears of those who have loved me, and then the infinite crowd who witnessed my pain, having in their heart a curiosity for this child sent from God, whom many recognized as the awaited Messiah; in front of your eyes you have the life of He who donated himself to the Service of all your brothers, at the Service forever for all of you.


And then my resurrection and forever presence with you in Spirit, among you, and even these words are the product of my Love forever among you.


My dear and beloved brothers and my dear and my beloved sisters, death opens the gate to real life, life of us as Spirit, and every thing from the past is introduced with us, what we donated, everything that in the past has been a feeling, travels with us through that gate, the words of the heart we donated to our brothers forever with us, the emotion donated forever with us, the Love distinguishes us when we cross that threshold.


You see, Love, this is what is important for us in death, it’s the experience of Love that we shared with our brothers and sisters on earth, this is the only important thing for us; important, much more important than all the errors and all the shortcomings that we matured during our life on earth.


Time is for you, to listen, time is for you, it’s life for you, and for your heart, time to express yourselves as Love, and to donate yourselves in the emotion.


My words for you, to guide you to the joy that awaits you when the time will come to reach us in the reality of Spirit.


This is why I am teaching you through words, to make you fully aware of life, of the preciousness of the experience that you are leading; false values take you far away from  what is life for you, efforts are a source of distraction, how to reach fake objectives, this is still distraction, even running between your activities, ploughing through successes, it’s still distraction, unless these are occasions to donate yourselves to others in the Love that you carry inside, in the expression of the feeling inside you, in the experience of Love matured on earth.


I know the messages among you, brought to you by others, seem to turn you into individuals of earth, who think of your earth and of materialism as goods one must procure and enjoy, but this materialism is temporary, local, only useful to you in this moment, but you are a Spirit, Love, even on earth this is still the extremely important part of you, as you came on earth to live your relationship with all other brothers and sisters who are also in turn making experience of their Love as they donate it.


This is the moment for you to donate the Love inside you, this is the moment for you to live in the feeling and this is again the moment to be at Service of others, with Love, your donating yourselves and making of Love your specialty on your life on earth.


May these days allow you many opportunities to love.


My brothers, I embrace you, my sisters, I embrace you, I wish all of you a happy, Holy Easter.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Service of Love occasions to donate yourselves to others in the Love was the Message from the Sky 29th March 2013




Service of Love occasions to donate yourselves to others in the Love


Service of Love occasions to donate


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