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How can I fulfill my life project

How can I fulfill my life project to leave behind a trace of your passage


How can I fulfill my life project : my beloved and my sweet hearts, life welcomes you, at the time you were conceived certain conditions of life on earth were created for you; you established agreements with other brothers, for mutual support and help, agreements that over the course of time would have enabled you, enabled each one of you, to fulfill your project.


Each one of you, coming to life, chose to carry within their own conditions a sign of their own passage: evolution and growth toward brothers and experience of expression of yourselves as Love.


When you were born, just like everyone else, you matured experiences on earth, which welcomed you, you started relationships, knowledge of culture, life in the experience of other people, you made contact with your own problems, with the problems you had in common with others, and with the problems that others had in their lives.


During all the time you were maturing, the pain that your brothers who were feeling was your own pain, you felt it, you participated in it, and you felt anger on behalf of those hearts for the lack of help, how could you tolerate knowing about someone’s suffering and not intervene to stop that suffering? You were maturing, aware of the present difficulties in your own context, and that of others, aware of the reality of the difficulty in putting yourselves in the place of others.


Then time gave you the freedom to intervene, the possibility to take care of it, you had the strength and knowledge to put yourselves in the position to take care of the suffering, of the needs, of the problems of your brothers as well as your own, each one of you has been in the position, is currently in the position, to leave behind a trace of your passage, the project that you have brought upon yourselves, and for the world that was welcoming you.


You are part of this humanity in this moment, and your Love, the expression of your Love, united with the knowledge and the skills you have matured, knows who to turn to, to take the suffering into its own hands and finding the help that is still being awaited.


There is no project involving other people that does not involve your heart too, therefore the heart that feels upon itself the suffering of others is involved, the sign of help that you are carrying on earth is exactly in the feeling the suffering for the problem that you noticed, as you become involved as a heart.


How can I fulfill myself, how can I utilize the project of my life? By feeling inside that pain ad recognizing the sign to place myself in the middle of the solution.


This is the project for the humanity you carry inside you, what you carry inside you as your own fulfillment, this is the expression of yourselves, this expression of your Love, this is the sign you will leave behind forever of your passage on earth, and this is the joy that will be with you for eternity, this is your expression of Love for your brothers.


This, as you listen to your heart, is the meaning of the life that will pass.


With you my help for this moment and for eternity.


With Love, your brother Jesus Christ


How can I fulfill my life project to leave behind a trace of your passage Message from the Sky from 29th May 2013




How can I fulfill my life project to leave behind a trace of your passage


How can I fulfill my life project


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