Life is an opportunity

Life is an opportunity life is my life messages


Life is an opportunity : sweet and beloved brothers and sweet and beloved sisters, looking at life, what can a moment bring you, or a day, or an instant? it brings life


I live


Here I am


How am I now?


I open my eyes, the life I have in front of me is my life, my opportunity to live and to love, this life is inside my body, and I give it movement; voice, my voice is life, because through my voice is how I express myself; where are you my brothers? To experiment myself in all of my heart I need all of you, all of you are carrying an experience of my heart, I come to meet you and to experiment in my heart what emotions will be born from it, to then respond by orienting the movement coming from within me, my voice, my expression, this is how I will know from me heart who I really am, I will notice in that experience if I will be able to love, I will have the result, at the eyes of the experience of that moment, the result of the expression of myself.


I am the one gaining experience of what I am, by meeting time after time with the experience that all of you brothers are bringing to me. Life, this is the experience of me. It is right that this experience brings me into contact with many people, with many occasions in which to experiment myself, with many opportunities with which to involve myself, and this is because to know myself, to better myself through experiences, to notice my difficulties, to understand myself better through emotions, is the ultimate goal that has allowed up until today the definition of who I actually am.


Here I am, I am this, today.


My brothers, I can confirm to you from my heart just how important it has been for me to have every experience that has been donated by you to me, because who I am today is the fruit of having experimented myself, thanks to all of you.


I am the product of what I discovered in my heart from the meetings with you, and this is the result: me.


This is what life brought me to discover: me.


This is a journey, a journey where today is the occasion, my eyes on life, an occasion for me to get to know myself better and better, inside the heart that I represent.


With Love, my brothers and sisters, I embrace you, this is the life for each one of us, my dearest.


Your brother Jesus Christ.


Life is an opportunity life is my life messages is the Messages from the Sky 25th June 2013




Life is an opportunity life is my life messages


Life is an opportunity The words of the Angels