The passion of the heart being help

The passion of the heart being help for that heart


The passion of the heart being help : I am always happy when I am called upon to help you, my help, may every heart allow me to make it happy with my help, with my effort; may every heart allow me to listen to it and, while I listen, to give voice to this world of goodness that I am feeling inside me, in my heart; I live every moment, I can feel the heart that loves, and suddenly it feels surrounded by the heart that is speaking, my help, this heart is asking for my help, it calls me, it asks for my Love, I understand that in this help, the heart is asking for an effort for itself; the heart knows that it is asking me for an effort of commitment, and it knows that the effort comes from the heart, what it is calling is my heart.


Now, as a heart I find myself in the possibility to help, now as a heart I can express my voice, what I feel inside me, I feel, what I feel can help, I can help, and now I am pouring my words as an answer, here comes my help to you, I am covering you with my affection, and giving myself to you, here are my words, they are my help for you, words of help for you.


Let’s consider the moment, my help is for today, my donating myself to you is for today, this emotion is today, this emotion of life we are living is today, today I am meeting your heart, now, now is my Love being sent to you, now I am living the emotion for you, now I am experimenting myself in the emotion that lives within me, the Love surrounds you and is born in me, I am in my expression of Being Love, and this is the reason for my passion: my heart.


I am a Being Of Love, this is my heart, I am, and as I call you I make experience of my heart, of my Being Love as it deploys, as it comes to the field for you.


May my words be of great help to all my brothers and sisters, may these emotions bring you to experiment more and more your Being Love, feeling in the heart the strength that brings you toward your heart, feeling inside you the Love that asks you for freedom of expression, feeling yourselves as a wave, embracing the other heart and feeling your Being as it donates, and feeling yourselves as Love in that moment, and feeling that joy within your Being in the moment, embracing the other heart, help for that heart, a heart hugging another heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The passion of the heart being help for that heart teachings from Jesus 19th 09 2013


The passion of the heart being help for that heart


The passion of the heart being help The words of the Angels