Identity has Love as the pivot

Identity has Love as the pivot Eternal is the experience


Identity has Love as the pivot : dear brothers and dear sisters, I am with you today, in this moment in which you are experimenting all of your Love in this planet, earth, the planet of things, of appearances, of contact with matter, the planet where Love is not in front of your eyes, it does not have a body, but is manifested through a body, through gestures, through a smile, through a worry, and every action that is aimed at another, to bring presence, help, support in times of need.


In every single moment where, in front of your eyes, you place the other person, you are gaining experience of Being Love.


This experience, and this is very important, puts your heart into contact with the other heart, and this is how you participate to the experience for the other heart. The You in the experience is actually experience of the contact between hearts.


The experience you are gaining between yourselves on earth, will add to the baggage that you will be taking with you from earth to the Sky, the experience matured during your earthly experience, material experience, but as a heart, an experience that will be with you to eternity.


Eternal is the experience you matured also through the bodies that see you as sweet Souls in their possibility to express the Love that they contain since forever.


The Love that the Father gave you at the beginning is inside you, and rediscovering it remains a constant possibility open to you, activating it with others, feeling it in its expression, recognizing it as the pivot from which everything moves, your identity has Love as the pivot.


Today, in the world of things, tomorrow in the world of evidence, your pivot will be Love.


Among you there is nothing but hearts, each one with its freedom of expression, each one with its awareness of the pivot that moves within the experience, but something extremely important is that everyone, and I mean every one, one day will have full recognition that being life equals being a heart.


But now, it’s time for the experience, and for you, who are carrying out this important opportunity of help we are sending you, today as always, is a moment of reflection, of support, of Love, that I send to you as a heart in the experience, with you as a heart joining in to your experience, with you as a heart, Love that participates to your recognition as Love.


In this time, your brother Jesus Christ


Identity has Love as the pivot Eternal is the experience Messages from Jesus Christ 17th October 2013




Identity has Love as the pivot Eternal is the experience


Identity has Love as the pivot The Words of the Angels