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Afterlife Testimonies Life After Death Photos

Afterlife Testimonies Life After Death Photos Manifestations


Afterlife Testimonies Life After Death Photos : The boundaries that separate us, my son, are invisible, this is what my mother, who passed to a better life, told me one day through a person who communicates with the other dimension; with this, she was trying to help us understand that she would always be with us, in a different way, a way not visible to the human eye, but extremely visible to the eyes of the Spirit.


Nevertheless, those words, the invisible boundary, which can seem insurmountable, actually often turns out to be visible .... not to the human eye, but to a mechanic eye. That boundary is often overcome through a simple photograph!


This is what defines the contours and immortalizes the time over a moment that just passed, and also opens an invisible door to let us see who is next to us, those people who are not longer here now, just like time that comes and passes by!!! But they are there, with us, present, you can see them, almost touch them ....


In that precise moment the boundaries vanish, they disappear because everything becomes one with our reality. A true, concrete, physical reality and at the same time also a spiritual reality, so that we may believe and understand that everything around us is not taken away from us, us children who were once created, it’s been donated to us by the Love that is beyond creation.




Afterlife Testimonies Life After Death Photos Through these photographic testimonials you will gain certainty of the reality of Spirit, certainty that the other side does exist, proof of the existence of Angels and Guardian Angels, certainty of the existence of your beloved animals beyond their death; all these proofs are donated to us to help us through our difficult, though precious journey called life on earth; they are extraordinary and rare documents, therefore make sure you treasure them for your own life, and let yourselves be guided by the certainties you are about to discover.


Many testimonials will also show you how your dear ones can give you signs from the Sky through our materiality; do make the most of these experiences, others have already lived them and shared them with us, and, through the website, also with every one of you.


Please note: adjust the luminosity of your monitor screen, so you may clearly see these precious images. A tight hug to everyone from Sara Luce


Afterlife Testimonies Life After Death Photos ORBS Spirit Angel Heaven Manifestations Spirits Love


Afterlife Testimonies Life After Death Photos


Afterlife Testimonies Photos Life After Death


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