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Miracles And Graces Received

Miracles And Graces Received Testimonials Stories


Miracles And Graces Received


My sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, this commitment that Sara Luce is introducing to you was born from a comment raised a little while ago. During one of our messages one of our loved brothers spoke up and indicated the difficulty for many of our brothers on earth in accepting the words that we dictate to you from the Sky explaining that these messages, which are extraordinary for you, often are not accepted precisely because of their extraordinary nature.


Through his words this dear brother invited all of you to collect testimonials of Miracles and Graces that even at this moment are arriving in great numbers, to accept this extraordinary nature as a reality of the Love which has always been there from the Sky and always for you.


This discussion a while ago started this new collection of testimonials, which you can add to by sharing with all brothers the special help that we send to your lives.


With this new commitment, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, you will put into your hearts the Love expressed toward all of your brothers as a sign not of the extraordinary nature of the help but as a sign of the ordinary nature of our Love poured toward you all the times.


With Love,


Jesus Christ


Miracles And Graces Received Testimonials Stories


Miracles And Graces

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