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Guardian Angel Contact Your Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Contact Your Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel How To Get In Touch With Your Guardian Angel : dear friends, today I decided to explain to everyone in detail how to get in touch with your Guardian Angel through coincidences; as you will have read from the various testimonials, there are different methods to get in touch with Guardian Angels such as meditation, dreams, and so on, however getting to know your Angel through coincidences is a fascinating and joyful experience and it amuses our Angels too, they are experts at coincidences.


First of all, through one publication amongst the many that talk about coincidences in a simple and clear way (James Redfield and Carol Adrienne's 'The Celestine Prophecy - An experiential Guide') we will understand what a coincidence is, we will understand it in detail and then, once we internalize these important concepts, I will teach you how to get in touch with your Angels, thus promoting coincidences.


This guide is structured in three phases to aid the process of reflection and learning, it's as if I took you by the hand and led you to discover this reality ..... after that the rest is up to you; you could now leave this text on your computer or sitting on your table just as you found it, or you can use it to get in contact your Guardian Angel.


Let's begin:


Guardian Angel


It's happening gradually and without too much of a fuss, however a global transformation is gradually taking place; a profound feeling of restlessness is the first sign of the strong internal beckoning that is awakening us. This restlessness can be described as a dissatisfaction that overcomes us even after we reached a goal that we had set for ourselves, a blurry restlessness or a feeling that something is missing. Every now and then a sudden event surprises us and makes us curious. It's as if there is a superior calling that is revealed to us and for a brief moment we feel connected to a mystery that nonetheless eludes our full understanding.


The combination of internal search ('there must be more than this to my life') with an occasional cosmic nudge ('What a strange coincidence! I wonder what that means!) can prove to be a very powerful mean. Coincidences, mysterious and exciting, exist to move us closer toward our destiny. They make us feel more alive, as if things were part of a big project under way.


An ever-increasing number of people is becoming more aware of the mysterious movement of the universe within each single creature, to the point where in the near future we will all be able to discover the nature of human life. If we open our heart and our mind, we will be an integral part of the evolution of spirituality.


What is a coincidence?


The psychologist Carl Jung defined it as 'the archetype of magic', a common concept across the entire human genre. Recognizing the important role invested by coincidences in the progress of your existence makes the behaviour of the hunter resurface in us, as if ready to jump on the prey, beyond the receptive state of the powerful shaman or the healer, in profound harmony with the universe.


Coincidences are the basis for fairy tales that are told around the campfire, memories that make you laugh when you reunite at weddings and funny stories of improbable successes and sublime irony. The facts of life derive from casual encounters, missed trains, books opened to meaningful pages, doors ajar, casually overheard conversations, people locking eyes in a room full of people: if in real life two strangers could not ever meet, in a corridor or while they wait for their ferry for Hong Kong, the vast majority of romances and comedies would not even exist. Sometimes resumes or curricula vitae may list many jobs seemingly disjointed with one another: this confusion, which is only superficial, reflects some coincidences that offered a job opportunity which had not been expected by that person who planned his own career.


For example, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the famous expert on the subject of death, in her book called 'Women of Power', describes the important turn in her life while she was working with Dr. Sydney Margolin: ' one day he entered the room while I was tending to a polygraph and he told me that I was to take his place for him at his conference since he had another commitment he had to go to. For me it was like substituting God! I felt like I could die .... he explained to me that the subject of his speech was scheduled to be Psychiatry, but that I was free to choose any topic I wanted. I went to the library to check if there was still something linked to the subject of death and the ways in which people die, because I was convinced that students needed to be more informed on this subject'.


Maybe her choice was subconsciously influenced by the experiences that she had had in Europe with the many casualties of war, to the point where up until her death she kept the images of those people who died in the concentration camps.


Or maybe it was a divine intervention ..... whoever or whatever it was that guided her choice, the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' first conference on death and the art of dying triggered a series of events that changed the direction of her life, opening it up to what was later to become the primary purpose of her life.


Let's start from the beginning, from the converging point where we find ourselves in front of the mistery of life, beyond our experiences and every logical expectation. Becoming aware of the reality of coincidences to understand their message and meaning is the first step toward a speedy and informed evolution.


When was the last time you experienced something outside of the ordinary?


Maybe this morning you were thinking about somebody and later on that very person called you. How many times you did you say 'I was just thinking about you ....' did this person tell you an important message?


Did you consider the reason why this coincidence may have taken place?


What will happen after that?


We have a tendency to take for granted the most part of events that are trivial and ordinary that happen to us, while the more noticeable ones make us shake our heads and stare in awe. The ability to evaluate coincidences from different angles, without limiting ourselves to thinking little of them, began to spread when psychology discovered the world of the subconscious. More or less at the same time as when Einstein discovered that time and space are not absolute concepts but they are relative to a reference point; another great pioneer, the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung was arduously studying the idea of 'meaningful coincidences'. Over the last three decades his work spawned extremely interesting researches. Jung labeled this phenomenon 'synchronicity', he was convinced that he was looking at a natural link such as cause and effect. However synchronicity does not allow us to see the main relation of cause and effect. Coincidences seem to be the main method by which the universe evolves, and many of us experimented this over the span of their own existence. With the knowledge we have of coincidences we put align ourselves with the mistery of the principles at the base of the order of the universe. Like Jung mentioned 'Synchronicity suggests the existence of an interconnection or a cluster of events casually not correlated', therefore suggesting a unitary aspect of being.


Sometimes people ask themselves if a coincidence is a casual event that is meant to 'awaken' us, or if instead it's an answer to a subconscious question. Before a person can fully understand this, a coincidence may be seen as just an interesting or pleasant diversion from 'real life'. After understanding that the evolution often takes giant strides thanks to events that are apparently casual, we in a better position to search the answer or the hidden meaning. Let's learn to let our questions float up to our conscious level and ask the right questions and we will realize that a coincidence is a reply to the archetypal movement that takes us to a profound growth of the human psyche.


.... My suggestion is to stop reading here for today, reflect on what you just read, when you will have familiarized yourselves with these concepts, then proceed.


Guardian Angel


Let's dive back into the second part to better understand coincidences.


Jung, fascinated by the phenomenon that he experienced a number of times with his patients, called it synchronicity. Ira Progoff, who interpreted and published Jung's thought on the subject, thought that synchronicity happens like this:


Imagine two women, Claire and Danielle, who agree to meet up to start planning a seminar on the subject of intuition. Claire invites Danielle to her home, and asks her to arrive at ten in the morning. Claire follows her path of cause and effect; she wakes up, gets up, showers, drinks a cup of coffee, prepares pen and paper and waits for Danielle to ring the doorbell. Danielle also follows a personal path of cause and effect, gets up, gets dressed, jumps in the car, drives the way indicated by Claire, parks and rings the door bell of her friend's home. So far the two women moved on parallel itineraries where there is a past, a present and a future for each one of them. During the meeting the phone rings. It's Bill, he says that he just read a fascinating book about the possibility to heal people with the mind and he wants to tell Claire about it.


'It's so strange that you called! Danielle is over here, we are planning together our seminar on intuition.' Exclaims Claire, feeling a rush of energy thanks to the mysterious event interaction. Bill knows Danielle and asks his friend to say hello to her and hangs up. Danielle is very surprised and says: 'What a coincidence! As soon as you got up to answer the phone, in my mind I had a vision of Bill'.


The two women feel very shaken by this and touched by the mysterious coincidence.


In Jung's theory, the paths of the lives of Danielle and Claire are two vertical lines of events that cross over horizontally, meaning through time, with Bill's phone call. Bill's call assumes an important meaning because the two women have been pushed to move by a common archetype, maybe that of the teacher collecting information, since the purpose of their meeting is exactly to collect information.


Based on the Jung's studies, the moments when certain fortuitous events take place seem to cause a shift in the balance of the psychic energy in the human being's conscious and subconscious side. As if it was on a swing, a coincidence lowers for a moment the threshold of attention of the psychic energy of our conscious, thus allowing the subconscious material to resurface from the primary depths. This psychic movement can be compared to the electrical stimulation that made Claire and Danielle feel as if something exciting had just happened: after the phone call the two women suddenly felt full of life.


Synchronicity is a gift of the universal energy that flows: we do not need a rational explanation to let ourselves be transported. After having perceived the connection, it could be that we might want to indulge and see what it's trying to make happen. For example, Danielle Claire and Bill could consciously decide to meet up to find out the reason for the sudden concentration of energy amongst them: maybe they are supposed to work together on a specific task?


Is there maybe a link of which they are not yet aware?


Alan Vaughan, author of 'Incredible Coincidence', a beautiful collection of coincidences that took place in everyday life, declared: when it comes to their shape, synchronistic events of daily life are not at all different from the surprising and sensational facts that make us exclaim 'what an incredible coincidence!'. The main difference lies within their lack of definition, in the way certain events of little importance are molded and shaped. Usually we grant them very little consideration, judging them completely fortuitous, however after a brief reflection we realize that in our existence our destiny manifests itself even through small events, personal and meaningful ....


Coincidence that happen everyday show the ability with which our subconscious creates life. The least we can do is to admire it; the best is to give our full support to such creative expression.


Coincidences seem to happen when we need them the most, maybe because of a situation of uncertainty, confusion, frustration and chaos grants destiny the opportunity to play a primary role.


How many times were you able to experiment for yourself the old saying: 'Just before dawn is when the sky is at its darkest'. Have you ever lent some money to someone and forgotten about it, but then that loan was repaid to you just when your rent was due and you were without money?


I am sure that you will have had similar experiences in answer to your prayers.


Coincidences take place when we are in a state of hopeful expectation. Numerous esoteric texts affirm that the correct combination of emotional charge and vivid imagination stimulates the ability to attract what we desire into our existence, whichever shape it comes in. Even parapsychology experiments carried out in the fifties by the Duke University demonstrated without a shadow of doubt that the most important factors for the success of these ESP tests were enthusiasm, a great interest in giving the correct solutions, especially at the beginning of the day, and a general feeling of awaiting with full hope.


Donna Hale, a psychotherapist in Sausalito, California, told me a very interesting story. A few years ago she had decided to move to the Corinthian Island, a very exclusive area of Marin County in California. A friend of hers thought of her idea as ridiculous and impossible due to the high prices. Determined to prove to her friend that she would be able to find a home in that area, Donna continued to search. One day she read an announcement about an apartment in the area that she had chosen and she made an appointment to see it the following day. With great joy she found the home exactly as she had hoped it to be, however the rent was too high for the financial means. She told me that while she was looking out of the window that was facing the bay, trying to decide what to do, all of a sudden she heard a seal barking and playing in the mirror-like sea that could be seen from the house. Right at that moment she remembered the dream she had had the night before, when she saw five seals that were playing happily in the ocean. The fact that an image from her dream came true in front of her eyes really touched her and she interpreted that coincidence as a sign of approval, feeling therefore authorized to sign the contract for the house. Right after her move her business improved dramatically and she was able to pay for the rent without any problems.


Coincidences happen casually and involuntarily, they can be complex, enigmatic and sometimes funny. They could be defined as a mechanism for growth, a mean of evolving. Every coincidence can mysteriously give way to new opportunities that allow us to transcend our own limitations and realize that life is not down to simple physical survival or some sort of intellectual abandonment into the hands of your faith: existence is spiritually dynamic.


In short: Beyond the usual everyday life and the challenges that we face every day, we can perceive the mysterious influence of the divine, through those coincidences that are rich of meaning and seem to send us signs, guide us toward a specific direction. Initially we dedicate very little attention to coincidences because we are too busy 'running'. At one point though we begin to slow down and to analyze facts in more detail. Available and alert, we manage to identify the next synchronistic event. Coincidences seem to run and flow, sometimes pushing us to move quickly and reassuring us in others. However we know we have discovered the spiritual process that moves our existence.


Now, before we continue with our reading, take pen and paper and take this test: recognizing coincidences that took place in your own past, and becoming aware of their effect will help you recognize them in the present and in the future; analyze the following:


HOME: did any coincidences ever happen to you that were tied to your choice of actual home (the number of the road was particularly meaningful, there were significant meetings with the neighbors, delays in the negotiations, garbled telephone contacts, the road had a special name or in any case you detected an unusual detail)?


WORK: how did you find your current employment?


Try to think of the way in which you found out that the job opportunity was there, the people with whom you had spoken and what messages you received; what was the first impression of the work place? Did you notice a sign that forebode something that then happened later on? Before you began this job, would you have actually paid attention to a specific premonition?


RELATIONSHIPS: describe how you met the person with whom you have your most important relationship. What pushed you in that specific moment to that specific place?


Does the person whom you met remind you of somebody else? What was your first impression of this person, and did this impression turn out to be correct?


Did you notice any signs (a dream you had after you met this person, a strange coincidence, a delay, and a mishap)?


Stop here to take this test and then continue with your reading


I am sure that each one of you will have been able to identify at least one meaningful coincidence in his or her life, others will have had many of them. However some of you right now will be asking what course your life would have taken if you had followed what you now recognize as a meaningful coincidence .....


This is where you enter the field of free will, a precious gift donated to the human being to autodetermine himself.


With our free will we constantly give direction to our lives and our choices; even choosing to choose is a choice.


Every day, every minute, we are past, present and future: past because we carry with us all of our experiences that we have lived so far and pondered upon; present because we live right in that moment; future because every moment of your life defines what our tomorrow will be like.


But what is the relationship between free will and what so far was called destiny?


What is destiny?


Let's begin by looking at things from a wider perspective.


Each one of us, before becoming a physical human being, is and always will be a Soul, or Spiritual Energy if you prefer.


Our Soul grows and evolves also through to our earthly experience.


Our Soul learns important aspects and qualities such as Love, non-violence, compassion, charity, faith, hope, forgiveness, understanding and awareness, and it learns to disperse negative characteristics and qualities such as fear, rage, contempt, violence, greed, pride, selfishness and prejudice.


Each one of us, before being born, predetermines the experiences and therefore the teachings necessary to the growth of our own Soul.


The key points, the conditions, the situations and the important meetings are agreed upon and pre-set. Then we are born and we forget all of the above in order to be completely free to live and learn.


However what we had established in a different context travels parallel to our path and crosses horizontally our path precisely through meaningful coincidences.


On the basis of our free will we can follow those events and thus we begin to live and learn from the new situation, or we can choose not to follow that road ..... no fear, your spiritual growth is so important that after a little while, the crossing opportunity will present itself to you again and when you will be ready you will take that new road ..... And like my own Guardian Angel Samuele says, only after you have learnt one important teaching you can move on to the next.


This topic should really be expanded upon, but it would take us several weeks ..... besides it will be much nicer for you to learn it directly from your Guardian Angel, can you imagine what a wonderful thing it will be?


Who triggers coincidences in our lives?


Well, yes, it's our Guardian Angels that God assigned to us specifically to help us in our chosen path.


The angelic testimonials that you have read clearly demonstrate that behind a significant coincidence there is always  the touch of an Angel', to be precise the touch of your Guardian Angel.


This does not mean that every single coincidence is caused by your Angel, there are other coincidences that are triggered by other people who now live in the other dimension and are connected to you through the same thread of Love that used to connect the two of you while you were both on earth; other coincidences, again inspired by Love, come also from other Energies of the Universe. There are countless signs of love that come to us all the time, it's a almost a shame that we did not become aware of this until now, however starting from today, by putting the right amount of attention into every event that is, let's say, a little outside of the norm, your horizons will expand greatly, and you will pick up on, and reflect upon, these gifts of love that each one of us receives.


If you followed the words of the last two sections with your mind and with your heart, by now you must be asking yourselves: but what is the greater meaning that every coincidence brings with itself?


A coincidence, every coincidence, brings with it a great truth: we are all connected with the Everything, we are connected to God who follows every moment of our growth and learning step by step, we are constantly nourished by His Love through the actions of the Angels and all of His Attention is turned exclusively to your growth.


However Angels can, if you like, do a lot more than that, they can help you in your daily growth, they can help you understand what you are experiencing, they can teach you the Truths, they can console you and motivate you; and how do they do that?


This is the subject of the third part, stop here for today, reflect and learn before you read on.


Here we are together again.


Guardian Angel


Here is the third and last part of my endeavor to help you come into contact with your Guardian Angel through coincidences. I hope you will have chosen a moment of peace to read this, I hope you will have unplugged the wire to the outside world to read and reflect with serenity.


Good, first of all stop and listen to the emotions that you feel right now, to what you are feeling inside in this precise moment.


Are you curious?










You know I will be talking to you about Angels but you still don't know what I am about to tell you, is the wait intoxicating?


Has it been days since you waited to read this part? Do you feel a little electrified?


If this is how you are feeling right now, then you are experiencing the 'hopeful expectation' we talked about, that feeling that from now on will guide your every appointment with your Guardian Angel.


In between all of the emotions that you are experiencing right now, there is probably a little fear in you, like fear of disappointment or fear of not being able to come into contact with your Angel ..... relax, we are all human beings and fear always comes up when we begin something new and important.


Who, amongst us, never felt fear during the first day or first month on a new job, who never felt fear when meeting an emotionally interesting person for the first time, or when beginning a project that was planned and prepared in detail?


Fear is a natural event for human beings, but overcoming fear, not letting fear block us, is also our evolutive duty.


Besides remember that from Angels all you will ever receive is always and only Love.


Guardian Angel


FIRST STEP: Proving the existence of Angels.


Up until now your Angel was silently at your side, He protected you, inspired you, sent you coincidences, taught you, sent you dreams, lightened up your Soul by removing excess tension from you, supported you, and all this was done in the most silent anonymity, and this was only for Love toward you. In fact, you have hardly been aware of His important effort for you, if you were aware at all. Things could either continue to go in exactly the same way, year after year ..... or you can establish a direct rapport with your Angel and become aware of this precious interchange that enriches you both.


However, you are the one who needs to take the fundamental step ..... there is always the basic question of free will .... which means that first of all, from the bottom of your heart, provided that this is what you desire, you must enter this relationship with a profound desire to establish a contact with your Guardian Angel.


Are you in touch with this desire?


Good, communicate your desire to your Angel, if there are people around you communicate it silently, however if you happen to be alone, speak out loud and tell your Angel what you have in your heart, don't worry about anything, right now He is right next to you.


Years ago I went to a course on how to get in touch with your Guardian Angel. It was a weekend session of meditation classes. The first day went smoothly, but the morning of the second day I began to feel increasingly more ill at ease and nervous. Even though I had established a good rapport with myself and, with four years of experience on personal analysis under my belt, I could not understand the reason behind the unpleasant nervousness. As we began the afternoon session I was even more nervous. The person who led the group told us that at some stage we would be doing a certain exercise, when we would be ready she would make us ask our Angel to tell us His name. We began, we arrived at the crucial point, she told us 'Now you can ask your Angel's name', and I, like the good student that I was, I was speaking to myself and I began to talk to him.


'Listen my dear Angel, can you tell me your name?' but then I continued on 'Listen my dear Angel, let's talk about serious stuff here, what has been the problem with me since this morning? I keep thinking about it but I don't understand why' and I heard a little voice in my ear say' You could be judged' ..... and that's when all the clouds disappeared from my mind and from my heart, and even if the other students in the group saw me cry and laugh at the same time, the emotion was so great that that was all that I managed to externalize from my experience, my mind was thinking about the profound truth that my Angel had told me, He was right, that was my real fear ..... what would the others think of me ..... how would they judge me ..... and what about my mother, who is an expert at judging ...... and I found myself choosing between giving in to the fear of judgment, or choosing a relationship with my Angel ..... I had no doubts, but it was important for me to be aware of this choice.


And now that you too have spoken from your heart to your Angel, you are aware of your choice, and you have now allowed your Angel to come close to you in a less anonymous and more direct and joyous fashion.


So, I know that your Angel is with you all time time, your Angel knows He is next you to you all the time, now all it's left is for you to realize that. How?


Follow this logic thought process, which is almost mathematical if you will: If Angels move coincidences and therefore behind every coincidence there is your Angel ..... by promoting coincidences we will meet our Angel and all synchronistic events will be attributable to your Angel.


This is the key. It's an experimental method that combines the attention of the mind and the feeling of the heart to prove the existence of your Angel.


Let's continue with the experiment: each one of us has something that bothers us, a daily problem or a nuisance. What's yours?


Stop and think about it, perhaps write it down on a piece of paper.


It's true that your Angel Loves you, but don't drive him crazy asking to show you His Love and His closeness to you, choose a realistic objective to help you, difficult if you like, but it needs to be realistic.


To guide you in the choice of a realistic objective I will tell you this experience I had: I live in Rome and parking is a daily obsessive problem. Hours and hours of our lives are spent looking for a parking spot, this is our daily problem/nuisance. So this is how at the time, precisely to verify if my Angel existed, I began to ask for help in finding a parking spot close to my home. Every day I would stop for a moment, I would speak to my Angel from my heart and I would ask for His help; I began to notice that it would take me less and less time to park my car, I would ask myself the question 'is this just a stroke of luck?', but these ‘coincidences' kept happening and I began to question whether my Angel was really helping me; this knowledge filled me with renewed hope and I would ask my Angel to help me with ever increasing conviction and ' hopeful expectation'; the time it took me to find a parking spot continued to decrease and if I had heavy things to carry, like shopping bags or something else, I would give my Angel a little bit of forewarning, to give him time to organize everything and most of the times the parking spot was right next to the entry door.


I began to experiment the joy of those gifts and I began to thank him with good humor. I felt pampered, but wait until you hear this story ..... one day I was driving back from grocery shopping and I was carrying two bags, I had asked my Angel for help with parking, and I was faithfully approaching my home; in front of the door there was the perfect parking spot but ..... another car arrived and parked there ..... I stopped my car and feeling disappointed, I said out loud to myself 'But that is the parking spot that my Angel had left for me' .... then I watched what happened, the door of the car opened up and someone with a leg in a plaster came out of the car, my feelings immediately changed direction and I said 'Yes Angels, that person needs the parking spot more than I do, I have two bags to carry but I also have two legs', I drove on, a few yards on there was an empty car spot for me.


What I just told you is just a realistic objective, now go ahead and choose yours; however make sure you never lose sight of the more important objective, which is not finding a parking spot, like in my case, but that of experimenting the existence of your Angel and this is the only reason that your Angel is even willing to be the ‘parking attendant'.


Pay a lot of attention to your emotional state: ask your Angel from your heart, activate your hope to know that your Angel is working for you, enjoy the joy of His gifts each day, observe and become conscious of how much He listens to you and how close He is to you.


Soon it will be Christmas, but it could be a birthday or an anniversary, if there is a gift, again a realistic one, which you would like to receive, communicate it to your Angel and surrender this wish to Him (Angels talk amongst themselves).


A few years ago at Christmas I wanted to get a little gift for a young girl whom I am very close to, and who has a beautiful relationship with Angels. I was inside the shop that belonged to a friend of mine, and I was looking for something to buy for this girl; I kept looking but I could not find anything that inspired me. At one point my friend told me 'why don't you get her a journal? Girls of that age like journals a lot, I have some really nice ones' she showed some of them to me, they were really pretty, with a pretty little lock to protect the privacy so I bought one. I arranged for her mother to give it to the girl; when the girl saw the packet she was surprised and curious, she was not expecting it. She opened it and as soon as she saw the gift she exploded into a shower of thank you's ..... to her Angel ..... she had asked him if she could receive a journal with a nice lock and now she was holding it right in her hands. And I was happy to have been the courier between her wish and her Angel.


As soon as you will have experienced this first step of meeting with your Angel, you can continue on to the second step. Begin your experimentation and look at what will happen; once you have consolidated your familiarity with your Angel, you can take one more step.


Guardian Angel


SECOND STEP: Learning from the Angels.


Now you are aware of the presence, of the reality of your Guardian Angel. What was once your nuisance/daily problem has now morphed into an adventure, a joyful meeting with your Angel. Having learnt to observe and to understand coincidences that come up in your daily lives, you have seen that your Angel sent you even much more information, many more gifts and help than what you had asked for and this instilled new joy into your heart; by now you knowingly carry your Angel inside you all the time, even the passenger car seat is always free so that He can sit there.


When your Angel will have has seen that you have finally become aware of His presence, He will also try to find other methods to communicate with you: He may send you explanatory dreams, He may suggest thoughts inside your minds so that you could evaluate them, He will have sent you images or words during your meditation or He will have sweetly caressed your face and hugged you or made His presence felt to you, an almost physical presence next to you in moments of tension, risk or danger.


However, life throws many situations at us where we are forced to reflect and learn from them and you may wish to know your Angel's opinion, how He views the situation, what are the important things that your Angel is emphasizing. He knows things that we do not know which can be fundamental to decide our course of action, He can direct our attention to aspects of our own character that we do not give the right amount of attention to, or make us aware of problems and feelings of other people and teach us to look at everything also from a more elevated perspective.


In other words, your Angel can show you all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make up the whole scenario, to put you in the best possible condition to make every choice with awareness.


Choices are, however, always and only yours to make; an Angel will never tell you 'do this or that' because it would go against the law of respecting free will and under no circumstance would an Angel not respect the free will. On the contrary, you will be astonished at the silence of your Angel when you make a choice ..... just when you get used to feeling him so close to you, all of a sudden, right when you just made a choice and you need to be reassured on the validity of your decision both in theory and in practice ..... your Angel is mute; as if He had disappeared ..... the reality is not like that, your Angel will not tell you anything exactly because of the respect of the law of free will, not until you have completed all actions involved in your choice: this is Respect, your Angel gave you all the necessary information (provided that you asked for it) and now He chooses not to intervene. Only when you have made all your moves then you will hear him coming back to you joyfully.


But how do you begin to ask your Angel for help to fully understand a situation or a problem, and to be put in the best possible situation and ensure that you are informed in order to make choices? Again through coincidences (in this way mind and heart are working together).


Choose a calm and quiet moment for yourselves. Think of the problem or situation for which you are asking the help of your Angel. You may feel like you already have all the crucial elements or you may feel like something important is eluding you, either way let's say that you want to ask for His help.


Just like at the beginning of today's writing, you knew I was going to talk to you about Angels, but you did not know what I was going to tell you, and you are discovering it now by reading line after line. So when you will ask your Angel for help, you know He will answer you, but you don't know what He will tell you, for this reason do keep an open mind and an open heart to welcome every message from him, it could tell you vital things, the existence and importance of which you may completely ignore.


With open minds and open hearts, begin therefore to listen to everything that will come your way.


Prepare the question in a way so that it's completely open ended, maybe beginning with 'My sweet Angel, I need you to help me understand this problem in detail ..... right now I think this and this, but I am open to welcome anything that will come from you, is there something that you are seeing that I am underestimating?'


This is an example of a question, just to give you an idea. After that, since you will already be used to talking to your Angel, just use the words that you normally use.


Once you have written down the question, choose a day in which you have a couple of free hours to dedicate to yourselves, to your Angel and to your question.


Do not give yourselves any other objectives for those couple of hours, other than this.


Since the question is important, and the answers will come through coincidences, and since your Angel may end up wanting to tell you more than one thing, choose to go to a place where there are many people nearby who are walking and talking. By doing this you will give your Angel the opportunity to move your attention toward one thing or another, toward this person or that person, always in your interest.


The more relaxed and open you are, the more your Angel will manage to guide your eyes and your ears toward what He wants to transmit to you; be flexible, let go and allow yourself to be guided.


If you are attracted by a conversation that you are overhearing, and you recognize that this conversation is related to your question, slow down your step so you can keep listening, pretend you are looking at some window shop and internalize the whole conversation. You can memorize the various messages or write them down on a little note pad that you will have taken with you; this is up to you, if your Angel wants you to understand something that has various aspects, He could explain it to you in sequence, through three or four different conversations from other people.


Guardian Angel


In brief: Think of the open question to your Angel; on the day that you chose to dedicate to yourselves, to your Angel and to your problem, raise the question to your Angel once again just before leaving your home; rest assured that He will do everything possible to answer you; energize yourselves with 'hopeful expectation' and get out; from that moment on, remain open, malleable, let your Angel guide your sight and your hearing, memorize or write down everything that attracted your attention while you are in a place that is full with different people walking and chatting. (try to avoid commercial areas because people end up talking only about shopping and your Angel would not have sufficient material to work with).


When you have collected all of His material, thank your Angel, go back home and reflect on the contribution that you were given. If new aspects of your question came up since then and you wish to study them in further detail, you can even ask the question one more time, it's up to you, your Angel will always help you with great pleasure and with Love. And with a smile in my heart I tell you that I don't even need to think of an appropriate conclusion for this script on Guardian Angels and coincidences, because my Guardian Angel Samuel already provided it for me .... I will tell you what happened to me just a few moments ago as I was writing this .... a coincidence ..... I finally raised my pen from my sheet of paper, and as I was thinking 'that's it, I think I have completed this big project' the telephone rang, a friend of mine said ' I found it, finally I found what I was looking for, it has what I need and the price is perfect, my project can begin' .....


Wonderful Angels ..... and since in this coincidence there is a message for me and also a message for you, I will explain what my Guardian Angel Samuele wants to tell you:


'Sara, my girl (because Angels see all of us as girls/boys) explained to you how to get in touch with Us, what you were looking for, all you need to know is right here, the amount of effort that you will put into this will be perfectly adequate to the outcome and you can begin your project by yourselves or together with other people'.


And together with His wish and His Love, I add my wish and my love.


All the best!


Sara Luce


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Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel Contact Your Guardian Angel How To Get In Touch With Your Guardian Angel


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