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Angel Guardian Angels


Here you find Angel Guardian Angels The Words Of The Angels Love Messages Sky Testimonials The language of Angels presence and signs


Who am I? where do I come from? where am I going? Life on earth, life after death, the other side, the Sky sweetly takes us by the hand and leads us through the Messages to Humanity to this discovery, and to the rediscovery of Love.


Angels, Guardian Angels, the language of Angels, Love, signs, the presence of our Guardians in our daily lives, through the many testimonials we discover how the great Love that the Father gave to each one of us manifests itself; the Guardian Angels and their sweetest presence in our lives, their desire for us to evolve within Love.


Questions and answers from Heaven, topics of common interest are addressed in italian letters, as their ask their own questions to the Sky; we then share their questions and answers, and we create an opportunity for knowledge, growth and evolution for everyone. Messages of Love and reflection.


Testimonials of Graces and Miracles and the photographic testimonials - these are collections of pictures that tells us about life on the other side, they are additional opportunities to discover the Love surrounding our lives, of which we are not always aware.


The new collection of NDE (Near Death Experiences) and OBE (Out Of Body Experiences) testimonials – these experiences tell us about the Essence, the Soul, what our Soul goes through once free of the physical body. These testimonials provide us with precious lessons on life.


All this is The Words of the Angels – a journey of spiritual growth on the path of Love.


Angel Guardian Angels


I feel so much emotion in my heart knowing that you just arrived at this site.


The words of the Angels, it would almost be more appropriate to call it the words of the Sky, but when we first joined the world of internet we did so to distribute the angelic testimonials that we were collecting throughout Italy.


Today however on our site there are not only testimonials of Guardian Angels, testimonials of the other world, but also messages from Love, messages of Love, answers to questions, and all answers are dictated by the Sky.


My name is Sara Luce, I am the person behind this website; you don’t know me yet, and if on one hand you find the concept of listening to the Sky talking directly to us as a wonderful thing, which it is, it is also perfectly normal to also feel some degree of mistrust. This is why I decided to tell you a little more about me, about my journey, so you may get to know me better. Let go of any prejudice and any preconceived ideas, and simply listen from your own heart. This text is a little long, I agree, you may interrupt and continue reading at any time, or maybe you will end up reading all of it without even stopping once.


I will start telling you what I know, but before that, allow me to once again welcome you from the bottom of my heart.


Sara Luce


Angel Guardian Angels

The Sara Luce’s experience ...



The words of the Angels : Site of Angels, the Angels, messages of Love from the Sky, testimonials of the other side, graces and miracles, pictures of Angels and the other dimension. Website of Spirituality.


The words of the Angels : sections : messages to humanity from the Sky, testimonials of Love from the Guardian Angels, questions and answers from Heaven, words from the Sky, ORBS, pictures from the other side, near death experiences, NDE, Out of body experiences, OBE, graces and miracles, contact of Love with the Guardian Angel.


Angel Guardian Angels The Words Of The Angels Love Messages Sky Testimonials The language of Angels presence and signs


Angel Guardian Angels


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