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Angelic testimonials Angel Guardian Angels messages life testimonials Love Sky words


Angelic testimonials Angel Guardian Angels messages : our happiness at being able to give you a sign of our presence next to you, our beloved, is a source of great joy; we hope that these testimonials that you are about to read, which are only a few examples of the hundreds of thousands of testimonials that we keep giving you, will help you; help you remember our endless love toward you, and help you identify what this very Guardian Angel is communicating to you right now, through the language of Angels.


It really isn't difficult to understand our language, you just have to let go of the idea that our language is expressed in a material way. It's in the heart, in the emotions that your heart feels, in the recognition of a very particular event that you will see the signs from us.

We want to teach you Love, this is why we were sent to be by your side, and this Love of ours will help you acquire a full awareness of your own Love.


The testimonials that you will read contain many teachings, so why not start by thinking that each experience that has happened to a brother or a sister of yours may contain a teaching opportunity for yourself also?


Accept this help from us, we are always ready to help you, this is our goal. The same goal that our Father gave us a long time ago. He asked us to follow you in your path of growth, to help make sure that our great affection and Love for you constantly surrounded your path. He asked us to help make sure that your path included moments in which our cuddles and attentions were poured into your Soul, to help you with your difficulties and in your moments of discouragement.


We, Angels, have this commitment with each one of you, we Angels do all this with our infinite Love, we Angels are happy each time you succeed, happy at each choice that you made in the name of Love.


These testimonials speak of our affection and our Love for you, every testimonial is the recognition of our Love. Each one of you has a magnificent Angel that is completely in love with you, your Angel is right there with you at all times. And it's about time that you got to know your Angel. Wouldn't you agree?


The opening of your heart to the Love of your Angel can allow you to meet us. We follow you at all times, like a shadow of Love at your side. If you have made the decision to come and read these Angelic Testimonials, it's because your own Angel has guided you to it.


Now you can learn the language with which we, your Guardian Angels, express ourselves. After that, if you wish to call your Angel through your heart, your Angel will be able to show you his same Love for you.


Think back on your life. How many times has there been a sign'? Today you can open this contact with your Angel with full awareness of His and your existence.


We love you, beloved. We love you a lot, very much indeed. This is our opportunity to say so with words. However, our message that you will be able to feel inside your beautiful heart as of today, will be a much more important message than these words that we have dictated. You will feel our affection for you, and our Love. This is what you will feel. Above all, you will feel the most important thing: you will feel Love, the great Love from us to you.


A big kiss, as big as the Earth.


The Guardian Angels, born to love you.


Angelic testimonials Angel Guardian Angels messages life testimonials Love Sky words


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