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Presentation of Sara Luce website The words of the Angels Her life and experiences


Presentation of The words of the Angels : when I was a girl, I remember vividly when I was 12, between my studies and childhood playing, I remember that I used to play three different games whenever I was alone; they were unusual games, sometimes I would play them and while I was playing I would feel as if I was completely absorbed by these games; it was as if my entire self was participating in these games.


In the first game I would draw a shape on a piece of paper, just one single, large form, closed and of irregular shape. Then I would decide what this shape, or at least part of the shape, would remind me of. When an original idea came to my mind, I would compensate myself with a candy.


In the second game I would look at my hands as if my hands had some stigmata just like Father Pio (I have no idea who even talked to me about Father Pio, I only knew the name, but I felt as if I knew him)


In my third game I was practically a teacher, I had to teach the blind how to move in a room as if they could actually see the objects and furniture in the room. However before teaching them, or to better teach them, I would have to pretend to be blind myself, and I walk around in my room with my eyes closed.


Sometimes, even as I grew up, my mind would return to these strange games, I did not understand the meaning of them yet, but I would eventually learn in years later.


When I was 19 I had a spontaneous Out of Body Experience. I will tell you about it in detail because of its meaning for me.


I was 19, I had just graduated, and in November I was going to start with University. My parents were going to relocate for work reasons to a small town in Tuscany and wanted me to follow them. I wanted to stay in Rome, I had already moved once when I was 12, when my father had had to relocate from the Lombardia region to Rome. I remember the experience of moving and I did not have any desire to repeat it. I had previously met a girl who, after speaking with my parents, offered to take me under her wing and to let me share her home with her and her brother, in the house that their father had just bought for them. There were discussions in my family, bad temper and blackmailing, but I was firm in my determination and thus their home became my home.


Two 19-year old girls and a 15-year old boy, the two of us in one girl and her brother in the other room.


The first few days, in the evening or during the night, we did nothing but chitchat, telling each other about our lives, until the neighbor downstairs told us that she could hear our voices. So we decided to agree on a deadline after which we would no longer talk but go to sleep.


I was so happy, I felt so free and even if I had to take care of myself by washing my own clothes, cooking and giving tuition, these chores felt so lightweight compared to the pleasure of feeling so free.


One night, at the usual deadline, my friend and I wished each other goodnight.


I made myself comfortable in my bed, belly up, waiting for sleep to come, the room was completely in the dark. All of a sudden I found myself looking at everything from high above, as if I was looking from the ceiling down to the floor. The room was completely illuminated, I could see the furniture exactly as it was laid out, I could see the body of my friend in her bed, I saw my own body in my bed. This vision did not cause any upset or any comments in me, I could see the body, I saw it, and all I could feel was an immense joy, not so much serenity or tranquillity, but a great, enormous joy, I felt all joy. I felt as if I was complete but I also felt as if I was all joy.


How strange, I had a strange impression of my body shape, I felt as if my head and trunk were erected, but my hips and legs seemed to be horizontal, as if I was slouched on a three legged chair, this stirred up my curiosity, another trait of my personality, and I decided to look at myself, with a strange ease looked and I saw that I had no body, even though inside myself I still had the impression that I was able to feel my limbs, my trunk, everything, what I could actually see, what appeared to be my body was a mass of golden light, shining, irregular, an indistinct mass of golden shining light. I continued to observe myself for a few long moments within that feeling of joy that persisted in me.


All of a sudden I felt I was being sucked back in by my physical body, from the head, I felt I was re-entering, squashed, compressed, starting from the face. A compelling feeling, lasting a few moments, swift and overwhelming. I was back to looking in the dark with my physical eyes, from inside my body, with my heart on the verge of a massive attack. I felt afraid, because now, looking from inside my body, I asked myself “What if I had not re-entered my body again?”


Then I tried to calm down; I tried to breathe to slow down the heartbeats. Finally I fell asleep.


In the morning I told my friend everything that had happened and she gave me a magazine, called “Intrepido”, which just that week happed to feature an article on out of body experiences of the Spirit. There were testimonials, someone felt that it was a rather frequent event, many testimonials were similar to my own, someone said that they even walked down the street, then I read something that terrified me, since there is so much rubbish being written out there, it said that if someone spotted you while you were in that state, meaning as a Spirit, they would lose their minds.


This terrified me, to think that my friend, the very person who was helping me in this enormous project, could see me in this state and would therefore lose her mind, and I would be none the wiser because I could not really tell if it was going to happen again.


Terror. Terror in the night. But it never happened again and I relaxed.


Now I can say that if we could see our loved ones in their spiritual bodies, none of us would lose our minds, on the contrary, none of us would doubt any more about life after death, but at the time I was only 19.


This tranquillity, tranquillity that I would never again relive this experience, at my age brought me to rethink of this experience. Me, me outside my own body, but it was definitely ME, I felt completely myself, with the only exception of that intense and unknown joy and that strange luminous body, but I recognized exactly myself as ME.


But if that was really ME, then when this ME moves, when this Spirit moves, it leaves behind only the body, but it remains as it is, or to be more correct it remains who it is.


And in an instant my fear of death disappeared.


Today I consider that experience as one of the most important moments of my life, because having lived this experience of myself as a Spirit not only made me overcome my fear of death, not only it makes me live my life in a much more aware and intense way, but most importantly it allows me to tell people with certainty that WE ARE ALL SPIRIT.


In any case, despite this experience, over the years I continued to think that it was not possible to have firm answers on what there is beyond physical life. I thought of questions like “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?”, and “Where am I going?” as questions that would never be answered until that moment so I decided not to ask myself those questions. My family is of Catholic origin but not practicing, inside a home where we never talk of religion and we children and teenagers were kept away even from the death of our relatives, so that we would not be scarred by it, so they said.


So I decided to simply live my life and follow my system of values, values in which I believed fervently.


This was the case until one day my dear friend, as well as a respected colleague (by then I had received my degree, my specialization and I was working) during a phone call told me that it was actually possible to receive answers to those questions before the time of death and when I heard her say these words, enthusiasm lit up in me, “Tell me where I start to look for them and I will start”


In that period there was a book that was receiving a lot of attention and acclaims, it is titled “The Celestine prophecy”, written by Redfield, and my friend suggested I start by reading about the study of coincidences.


I threw myself into it, I was never tired and I really started to really study and experiment all that Redfield submitted to us.


I found it so valid that I decided to set up group meetings on the subject of the Celestine Prophecy.


It was exactly while I was holding these “Celestine Prophecy” meetings, that one night I had a very particular dream (and through my job I know my fair share about dreams). It was an important dream, repetitive, not really referring to anything that was happening in my life, the only reference point was my interest in spirituality. I accepted that dream, I talked about it, but I did not know what to think of it.


In my dream I found myself in front of my computer, working on a demanding job that I was really enjoying. I was writing, and writing, and writing some more, as if that was my duty or my part of the project; then, when I finished my job I could see that the purpose of all the work was to make some ice melt. As the ice melted slowly, from the ice began to emerge a large face, the more the ice melted and the more the face was clear: it was a large face like Father Christmas, complete with the white beard. When the ice in front of his face completely melted away, this face opened its mouth and would call out (even though I could not hear anything) and at that point from the sky (please consider that back then I was not yet studying Angels) a row of Angels flew in, with a gentle and spiraling motion.


They were descending toward earth (I could see the first Angel but not the last one, like in an endless line): when the Angels (at the beginning their colour was blue) came closer to our earth they would become red: in that moment in my dream my own thoughts would interject by asking myself “What does that mean???" Why would the Angels become red, do they become bad? (I am sorry, often I think I am really stupid). At that point the dream would stop and it would start all over again; I would find myself again in front of the computer and…. At the end of the process, the same question again, and we would start all over again. I can’t tell you exactly how many times that dream repeated itself, many times, I can assure you. Then at one point at the scene where the Angels become red, I thought, “Could it be that it’s not that the Angels become bad, but they become red because they are absorbing the negativity and the bad actions from earth?”. At that point my dreaming stopped, as if to say, “Now you understand”.


Often a friend of mine and I with whom I was doing this study on coincidence, would go to a bookstore; that day she said to me “Shall we pick a book on Angels?”. My reaction was not very enthusiastic, I thought that Angels were something for children, like in fairytales, but I agreed nonetheless and we bought a book of angelic testimonials, the book called “Guardian Angels” by Hope Price.


I was surprised as I was reading through it, testimonials, all testimonials told by adult human beings, testimonials of contact with the Angels, testimonials collected in Great Britain; this book changed what my opinion had been until then on Angels and it made me even more curious to the point that I thought “It would be nice to read a book of testimonials here in Italy” but no matter how hard I looked, I could not find one.


Soon after that I had the pleasure of having Mauro Quattrina as a dinner guest at my home, he gave me the last copy (his personal copy) of the book “Three Angels” (his taxi was “late” showing up and this allowed Mauro to remember that he had left the copy of the book in his hotel room) and it was exactly during that dinner that Mauro told me “Do you know that behind every coincidence there is always an Angel?”.


No, I did not know that, I had no idea. I was finding out right then, Angels and coincidences, did that mean that now that I knew a lot about coincidences I could get to know my Angel through those coincidences???


And so I did, I started experimenting and, step by step, I got to know my wonderful Guardian Angel Samuele.


Some time following my research and experimentation, one evening I asked my Angel to appear in my dream and to tell me what was wrong (even though I felt relatively calm about it, I did notice that certain situations, especially those linked to my job, were stalling, however at the same time I had the impression that, just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, there was something new that was beginning to form even though I did not know what it was). I do not remember the entire dream, I only remember that, as usual, we were transmitting some thoughts to each other, then the clear part came up: a big white plane ready for take off, the door open, the ladder was ready and me and my Angel, that time dressed all in white, on earth. “Don’t worry, dear” my Angel said, “there is nothing wrong, we are only missing the fuel” “The fuel?” I asked, “And what is the fuel?” “The passion” my Angel replied (there it was, all I had to do was fall in love with an idea!) and then I heard a warm feminine voice speaking to me, the voice of an adult, giving me three names; the second and third name were truly difficult for me not only to pronounce but also to remember, there were so many consonants and foreign letter in these names and I am one of those people who has difficulty in pronouncing even two consonants in a row, so my attention focused on the first name, something like “Laudanna”. When I woke up the following morning the name was still floating in my mind. “I wonder what Laudanna meant”, I asked myself, I was going to find out later.


After a few weeks I attended a meeting held by the association “Il Girasole” (The sunflower), in Rome, I became immediately curios, by now I was a person who was extremely sensitive to coincidences. Why was it that amongst the thousands of tall buildings that there are in our capital, why would this association have their headquarters exactly in the same building as that of my beautician; what would that mean? Could it be a coincidence? I elevated my attention level. Once inside, Mr. Eaco Cogliani from Milan brought with him the latest release of the magazine “Alba Magica” (Magic Sunrise), I took it and the following day, with calm, I read it; there was an article on Angels that terminated with “We invite those who have experiences with Angels to talk to us about their experiences”, and it gave a phone number.


I was extremely excited about this, I called the number, I found the voicemail, left a message with my name. I lit up a jasmine incense stick to my Guardian Angel and to the Angels of my home (I liked to spoil them) and soon after that my phone rang. I was surprised, I did not know this, but the person who wrote that article was a person whom I already knew from the previous summer and I happened to really like. Riding the wave of my enthusiasm I proposed to start putting together a collection of all of these testimonials and compile a whole book. Later on, when we said goodbye on the phone, I hang up the handset and as I was turning to leave the room, I noticed that the incense stick, while burning, assumed the shape of an arch, like a door arch, like a rainbow, I was speechless. Usually the ash from an incense stick, burning, falls perpendicularly! However there were more surprises in store for me, while I was walking toward the kitchen in my mind the famous word came up again, do you remember? The word “Laudanna”. Do you know how this girlfriend of mine signs her signature? Her name is Anna Lauders.


This is how the collection of the angelic testimonials began; we gradually became better known to the world, people began telling us their own testimonials, a friend of ours offered some room on his online magazine and this is how we approached the internet with our site.


Two years later, two years of enormous effort, attention and great commitment.


And that was when I finally understood the meaning behind my childhood games. The first game represented symbolically my job, my university studies and my current profession.


The second game was connected to the Angels, the stigmata were referring to Padre Pio as a symbol of the contact with the Angels, this was all good, it appeared that I was proceeding on my established path, but what was the third game all about?


One day Attilio, a good friend of mine whom I met on the Internet from the Group Love and Healing, based in Catania, decided to do a mailing list and he added my name to it.


Later on, a member of this mailing list, Adriana Scaficchia of the “Cerchio Verde” (Green Circle) group in Venezia Mestre, wrote to everybody and talked about metaphony EVP.


While I was reading, I could feel a great “YES” unleash inside me, I remember that I even went to check out her website, but all of my attention was directed at this great YES that I felt explode inside me.


It was extraordinary, there was the possibility, through metaphony E.V.P. , to get in touch with the Sky, it was extraordinary, I really thought it was extraordinary.


My Angel Samuele had already taught me so much, but the Sky, to get in touch with the Sky directly ….. Extraordinary! So many opportunities were opening up to me, what if this was really true, Adriana had been doing metaphony for 17 years, so it must be true.


I contacted her, my friend and I went to visit her, I truly wanted find out about this metaphony, I wanted to learn it; what a wonderful opportunity opened up, I really wanted to learn to do metaphony EVP. I was enthusiastic.


Adriana taught us how to do it, then she said “shall we tape a session”?


“You are just perfect for the beginning” and, talking to Adriana, the voice said, “I care a lot about them”.


These were the first words that came from the Sky.


On the journey back to Rome my enthusiasm was still very high, but I calculated the amount of difficulty involved with being able to do metaphony E.V.P. I needed to study, and study a lot, if I really wanted to truly learn to hear through metaphony EVP


I have some wonderful memories of that time, every hour I could spare in my day I would dedicate it to the study of metaphony E.V.P. they were wonderful with me, they tried to help us in every possible way, with Love and much much joy. There were voices, we did not know whom they belonged to, but they were helping us with a lot of joy.


Very slowly I was beginning to write a few words here and there on my note pad, then we started to write short sentences, sometimes I felt as if I was going back instead of forward, sometimes it felt as if we were making progress. And if on one side it was very frustrating to go through all that training, that work, their joy, their words, their sweetness motivated us to keep going.


I put a lot of effort into it and a year and a half later I began to hear sufficiently well what they were sending us.


What nice emotions I was feeling, it was like walking into a room where they were all friends and they were ready to help us.


Even some of our dead relatives showed up to say hello and to help us out, and when my beloved grandmother passed away, I was already pretty good at hearing through metaphony E.V.P. and, from the day she made herself known during a taping session, I started to follow her in her new life in her new Home.


So many things they taught me, so much they helped me.


During this period of study, one night I had a dream, once again it was a very special dream. It was an important dream, official, it was all white on white, and this, I had learned from my Angel Samuele, meant that it was an official dream, one of those sent from the Father.


It was as if in front me there was a picture frame, but an animated one, technically it was two-dimension but in reality it was three-dimensional. In my dream my gaze rested on to top left-hand side of this picture. There is my Angel Samuele, all dressed in white with only one accent of colour, I was going to notice in the end, he was wearing a tie of a beautiful and brilliant red-orange colour. Samuele is standing next to a white board, like those used in junior school, those sitting on top of long wooden white legs, Samuele is looking serenely at me. The gaze goes on to the to right hand side of the picture, there is a little sofa, all white, I know that the Father is sitting on that sofa, but I don’t see him, but he does say one word to me, just one word repeated several times (a word that, once I woke up, I was not going to remember again, all I remember was that it was made of 5 letters). The gaze moves again to the bottom left hand side of the picture, there is a set of tea cups, saucers, a teapot, a sugar container, a complete set, again all white. The dream ended there.


The day following this dream the phone rings, it’s Genny, a girlfriend who speaks with the Angels, who tells me of a strange dream that she had, her dream was also white on white, the only colour she saw was the colour of the minivan in her dream, it was a brilliant red-orange colour, Genny tells me that she understood that the meaning of that colour is to “Give your trust”. Only a few months later, I noticed that the small white sofa on which the Father was seated was identical, with the exception of the colour, to the small sofa that is in my room where today I am writing with my computer.


Feeling more and more confident with my metaphony EVP , I started helping others more often by asking for messages of help from the Sky and by sending them their replies, those were wonderful experiences, each one taught something very important, and each on put you in touch with that Immense Love that is in the Sky.


A great desire resurfaced in me, now that I was able to do metaphony E.V.P. , I would have liked to have a Teacher, someone from the Sky who would help me learn and understand the messages even more, I desired messages of teaching. This desire had come up since the first contact with my Angel, and it grew when I heard about metaphony EVP , and now that I could hear, all I had to do was to ask for it. I had a great desire, but I also had a great fear that they would say no. The “no”, remnants of a childhood which never saw any respect for the vast majority of my needs.


One day, during a metaphony E.V.P. session, I felt a calm and warm feminine voice saying “We like your project, it could be nice, no, wonderful. Come and ask for a message”.


I could not contain myself from the excitement, they saw my difficulty in asking for help so they decided to speak to me and invite me to dictate a message of teaching. The following day I was ready, happy and exhilarated. Tape player, radio, pen and paper. I was ready. I started the taping session by saying the usual hello’s and that I was there for the message (just like the female voice had told me), I taped, I rewound the tape, I took the paper to transcribe what I was about to hear and I started listening to the recording.

Male voice: Next to you her mouth is coming, it’s the absolute Hope, she arrives as soon as she feels that we are connected.


Female voice: “I am coming amongst you”


Male voice: “All right, Virgin Mary”


Female voice: “Are you comfortable?”


Male voice: “Now everything is good, let’s hope the same for later”


Female voice: “My dear brothers”


Other male voice: “What a fantastic gift your Mother”


Female voice “You don’t have to keep your love inside…. Are you happy, now that you are here? My little girl, come here, come to your mother, make yourself comfortable here next to your mother”


Then the female voice spoke to me, but I could not understand anything else. No, it was impossible, this was not possible, but I heard it right, I listened again and again those words before writing them down, no, it was not possible, it was not possible that this could be the Virgin Mary, she with me, no, that was too big, but I trusted their Love and I trusted my hearing, what a wonderful sentence, “you don’t have to keep your love inside”, in a few words there were millions, But no, This could not be true, it was too much. But that nice voice, I never heard such a beautiful voice in metaphony, so sweet, and what she said, a mother, she came toward me and she expressed herself like a mother would, no, no, not possible, it’s too big.


Tomorrow, tomorrow we will try again.


I decided not to say anything to anybody.


The following day I had a new taping session, new listening to the tape, same trepidation.


Again there were voices talking to the feminine voice calling her “Virgin Mary”, “Lady”, “Mother”, “Virgin Mother”. Then her voice arrived.


For a month, she did everything she could to put me at ease, she would talk to them, then talk to me, the she would jest, then she would talk to me again, then with them, but as soon as she said the words “Now I will dictate you a message” my anxiety was too strong and I could not understand more than a few words or half sentences.


I never saw so much patience and affection, like the one he had with me.


One day as a base for my registration, on the wave there was a singing of birds and her smiling voice said “I know, we can’t tape on a wave like this, but let’s say that this singing of birds represents my joy at being here to talk to you”.


And this is how a mistake of mine was an opportunity for her to transmit her joy.


There was so much Love in that heart.


And so, day by day, she would try to dictate to me and I would try to listen, but inside me there the emotion was overwhelming and inside me I still did not really believe that what I was living was the truth.


One day, as I was getting the tape ready for the new registration, in order to put it on the side that was not taped, I rewound the tape with the intention of positioning it to the end of the previous registration to then re-record, and I heard her voice saying “Oh, you are here already”


What was happening???


I kept on listening, she started to talk, she was going to use the previous registration to leave her new words, and it would have been like talking live. I was very surprised, but I allowed myself to be guided. And what she said that was going to happen, ended up happening.


On the 27th of May 2003, when she said, “Now I will dictate you a message”, I listened to her as usual to try to write all of the words that she was saying. She chose some of the easier words, to be sure I understood them, and then she dictated:


My dearest children, my voice comes to you to help you, (male voice: hope on earth, always hope), sometimes I think that you are my whole life and I care so deeply for you but sometimes I am sad too because I see many problems, all I would want is to see love between one brother and another, to see you helping each other, to help is to give passion, it would be wonderful to open the windows and greet you, It would be nice, wonderful to see all brothers (white with black and black with white), just like two brothers who love each other and who help each other and to see many people communicating together, you see, for me that would be a day full of gladness, like a nice dream, earth is a dark place without all brothers united loving each other.


My children I am speaking with you, I am the mother of that earth that you inhabit and I love all creatures, I will be next to you to help you and the purpose of my intervention is to teach you that love is always good for you.


To all of my children, with love


At this point she told me “Now sign Virgin Mary”


I froze


She said it again “My dear, you have to sign for me”


I was still frozen, I was afraid of what would have happened if I had broadcast a message signed by the Virgin Mary.


Her voice became more resolute, always loving but firm, “Sign”


And I wrote Virgin Mary


She said “Good, now send it to everybody”


I did.


The following day I explained to all those on the newsletter, those who received every new angelic testimonial on their computer, what had happened. I sent all of the pieces of sentences I had been hearing, up until that time, and I was surprised, I thought I needed to put words of my own to explain this or that, however as I was putting together all the various pieces of messages, every message was self explanatory when joined with the next one so I did not need to add any words of mine.


I awaited everybody’s reaction, however I continued with my commitment with her. I faced my latest fear and this allowed me to hear better.


I started sending messages out, however inside me the doubt lingered “Could it be really true that it was really the Virgin Mary?”


I had her taped conversations, I had her Love, everything confirmed my theory, but I wanted proofs.


Some time later there was an exhibition, there was also Adriana Scaficchia and all of her group and they had all been practicing metaphony EVP for years. I decided to do a registration asking confirmation that what was happening was really the truth. I was going to make them listen to the taped messages and they, unaware of what had happened, would tell me what the voices were saying on the tape.


I did not understand any of it, I was too shaken.


I went to the convention and I brought the tape with me. I asked Adriana for her help and she left me with the help of a mother who had been practicing metaphony for years, She agreed to listen to my tape.


I liked that woman, I already knew her, I trusted her, she was very good.


With much trepidation I entered her room and gave her my tape.


You could hear on the tape my anxious voice asking for the truth.


She started listening.


She told me about a little vase of strange flowers, of many different colours, then she could not understand, then she said “Oh what a beautiful voice…” yes, on the tape, you could hear the voice of the Virgin Mary, hope began to return for me, what was she going to hear from the Virgin Mary? …. The mother only said NO, with the same vehemence as if she was saying “I am making a mistake”, and stopped paying attention, then she resumed listening, she said that there was someone saying hello in a venetian accent voice (the local area where their Green Circle group is based), I began suspecting that, once again, that tape had just then be re-recorded over.


I was not successful at dissipating my doubt through that meeting. I was going to continue being in the dark. I returned to Rome. Me and my doubt.


I walked in my home and my gaze rested on my desk, I always keep a little vase of flowers, however, before I left, for the first time I had bought some dried flowers of many different colours. I looked. As I was looking at the flowers I noticed, through the curtains on the window, something small and dark on the floor of my balcony. “Scrap paper from my neighbours above”, I thought, and I went into my room. Then I returned and again the following day my eye looked again at that small piece of paper that I could see, dark behind that curtain, until I decided to go and remove it.


“What is it?” Some paper laminated in plastic folded into two, but what is it? I open the plastic and I see “Virgin of the Revelation”.


It was a relic of the land of the grotto of the three fountains where the Virgin Mary appeared, behind it it said “With this earth of sin I will do potent miracles for the conversion of the non-believers”.


I was the non-believer, and that was her help.


I opened up my heart even further and I accepted the wonderful thing that was happening. On the internet I looked for a website that talked about receiving messages from Jesus or from the Virgin Mary and I found some, but what impressed me is that all of the ones I found only lasted a couple of weeks.


Why? What did it depend on?


From whom did she receive the messages? I was on this side, on the human side; I could imagine the difficulties in signing on behalf of one of them, but who was it up to anyway?


In every registration there was certainly time to dictate the message, but there was always the time to talk to me, too.


During one of the first meetings, by then we knew I was going to spread their message to everybody, they asked me if I wanted to continue on, to be next to them to send these messages of help. They were asking this was all right with me. My heart was completely available, my fears a lot less so, I started mumbling some kind of a reply to their question, I was trying to be honest but I ended up talking about everything.


They interrupted me: “You just need to say that you simply accept to be at the complete service of Love”


Obviously I said “yes” to the question that was asked to me in that way.


But if it was true that I was not fully conscious of that YES that I had said, it’s also true that the Father always told me, in some occasions, “If you like we can interrupt this experience whenever you want” and I always said no.


My fears are my own fears, however one can not dispute the value of what they are teaching us and I choose to learn.


However I understood why several people chose not to continue.


Through metaphony EVP it was taking us eight hours, not long for them to dictate, but a long time for me to re-listen, then I would listen one last time to correct any mistakes, and Jesus always wanted to add new things so each message ended up taking us hours.


One day we spent eight hours together on one message, the message was long, that much is true, but eight hours were a long time, maintaining my concentration up for eight hours. With my job I did not have that amount of time available and I felt as if I was actually wasting His time, too.


That day the message began by talking about a gift that the Father would have given me, as a gift for all of the time that I had been dedicating to these tapings.


We started as usual, listening to the registration, correcting, re-listening. I was exhausted, I heard Jesus ask the Father to give me that gift a little sooner. I heard him speak in the same way as a child who knows he is loved would asks his parent who love him, with that sweetness, that sympathy, even that veil of seduction that a child has when he asks for a big favour, knowing that he can count on your Love. I heard the Virgin Mary asking the same thing, I heard Jesus being very happy, the Father had said yes.


If I think about it, it was funny, but this is exactly what had happened, I was going back and forth between the taping machine where they would tell me what to do, and going ahead and doing those things they were asking me to do.


So I knelt down in my kitchen (because it’s in the kitchen that I used to do the registrations), and the Father told me sweetly “With this kiss I open your doors to the Sky” …. I still remember that light breath that I felt on my forehead and my face felt as if it was being held by two hands, raising up; I was smiling, I could not see anything, however my heart smiled, knowing that I had the Father in front of me.


At our next meeting, all I had was pen and paper, I tried to listen in the thin air if someone was talking, my ear was trained from doing metaphony, I heard some sounds, I focused on them, I tried to listen, and this is how then new message was written. A short message, to give me time to get used to it.


Ever since then, this is how we communicate, I concentrate, I pray, I open my heart and then the contact happens, and every message is thus transmitted, with me being careful to listen properly, and with them available to answer to every request for clarification.


It’s always very engaging, however it does not take as long as it used to.


I have spoken mostly about my experience, my story, however I do not have words to describe every contact, every feeling that I have, every emotion that they send, every message has its history and it’s difficult to even find words to describe the Love that they feel for us, Love that moves with every message, Love that you can hear in the Virgin Mary every time her child speaks, the Love of Jesus when His mother talks, Love that they all have when it’s some Soul that chooses to speak, the Love of Jesus for the Father, the joy of everybody when it’s the Father who is speaking…. I am sorry, I just don’t have words to describe all this…. It’s pure feeling, it’s wonderful, both in the joyous moments and in the sad times, it’s wonderful and real.


Smiles, tears, laughter, ecstasy, all this happens during the messages, however by opening up your own heart and reading, listening, carefully, word by word, with the same slow pace and meaning that they themselves give to each individual word transmitted, my heart can hear, I can convey the story, and your heart can listen.


A sweet kiss


Sara Luce



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