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Virgin Mary and Vicka Medjugorje photo

Virgin Mary and Vicka Medjugorje photo of Virgin Mary near Vicka and orbs images picture appearance     


Dear Sara Luce, I do not really believe in signs, even though I do believe in God and the Angels. In 1984 when I went to Medjugorje together with some friends of mine we saw the sun pulsating during the apparitions to the clairvoyants. At the time there was nothing in that little village.

In 2008 together with a bunch of friends I was visiting the Madonna of Peace and in the orphanage of Sister Elvira we accidentally met Vicka, one of Madjugorje’s clairvoyants, who prayed for us all. I kept on taking pictures of her. I was not thinking about it but after a few, which reproduced exactly the scene in front of my eyes, this picture was taken, let me show you:


This year, May 2009, in hot weather I went back to the Little Madonna of Peace and on 23rd of the month, in the evening, we climbed up the Mount of the Apparitions carrying torches. They had told us that Ivan (one of the clairvoyant boys) would have an apparition of our Lady. After having sung and said the Rosary, everybody kept silent and we were all refreshed by a light breeze. The mount was full of pilgrims clinging to the Statue of the Madonna. Straight after Ivan started speaking into the microphone saying that the Holy Mother had appeared and laid her hands on us, praying for sick people and for those present. It was nice, but either because of the heath or the crowd I did not have any special feelings, I took some pictures and then at 1.00 a.m. with torches we walked down to church. Then I saw the pictures taken with my digital camera, as usual, I watched them later, take a look at one of them:


Maria Cristina


“In every manifestation, allow me my children, I am coming to you to speak to you inside your heart, in every manifestation I am joining with you, every word said is for you my children, every message is for the heart of each of my children, it is for you that I am coming to reveal myself, it is my love for you, because I love you, because you are my creature and my love always stays with you. I love you from my heart, to the heart of all my children: I love you.

This message is for you, it is your mum’s message”.


Virgin Mary and Vicka Medjugorje photo of Virgin Mary near Vicka and orbs images picture appearance

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