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Afterlife Love never dies signs from Heaven

Afterlife Love never dies signs from Heaven photos images of hearts send from Heaven Afterlife     


Hello Sara, I am Silvia and beginning this evening, thanks to a friend of mine who knows your website ... here I am, too. Honestly I do not know where to start from because, like the other testimonials, I have got something to say, too. That is about something wonderful, that unfortunately originated from a pain, a grievous and tough loss for me.

I was 27 years old when I lost my mother, almost one and a half years ago, she died of a terrible, horrible cancer which took her away within four months, now I am not willing to describe what I went through, the things I saw and heard, because to see the dearest person on earth to you suffer that way tears you apart, but that pain made me grow stronger.

Useless to say, my mother meant everything to me, she still means everything, …I would have too many things to tell, too many details, and there would not be enough time. No, ... the reason why I am writing is another, the same reason why my friend told me to visit this website. Hearts. Hearts now mean mum to me. Through hearts she makes me feel that she is still here, she is near me and that there is life after death, and that life is more important than life on earth, … after the first heart I received about 15 days after her death, I began to take pictures of them, they often materialize in food, but depending on where I am, what I am thinking of, if I am thinking of her, if I ask her for help, they often reach me in the form of stones.

I am aware that I am writing many things, nevertheless I have not told you all about it, yet, I would like to do it though, because I haven’t told anybody about these happenings yet, apart from some close friends; but when I saw Anna’s pictures, my heart was touched and in those hearts I saw my mother. Of course I kept all the pictures, starting from the one of the first heart I received, and now I am sending you some of them, so that these could be used also as testimonials for those people who have lost someone, in order to make them realize that love never dies, the same way I realized it while my mother was dying.

These are a few hearts my mother sent me, you see, each of them symbolizes a particular situation, they did not come at random.

The first is a tomato, or better said some tomato salad leftovers, at lunchtime at my grandmother’s house, it was the first lunch without her, we inevitably talked about her, how much we missed her, but most importantly my grandmother was giving vent to her feelings; then, I looked inside the salad bowl, and I saw it. I told my granny that she should not worry, since mum was saying hello, she was with us.


Another heart, in the cheese, a piece of Feta cheese, the same thing, I was having dinner all by myself, I was feeling sad, I was missing her so much, then I cut the cheese and there it was.


The same happened with the wires of the hair dryer, I was blowing dry my hair, singing a song dedicated to her.


Another in the kitchen, on the wooden cutting board, I spilled some water from a bottle... that happened shortly after her death, I had never cooked before, she used to do it…


Another in the soup dish…


I found the last heart I am sending one morning, in my breakfast cup, with some slices of crispy toast-like bread


As you know, there are many others, and I hope God will allow her to " talk " to me over and over again.

Now let me say goodbye to you, thank you so much for having built this website.

Kisses, I will talk to you soon.



Title  Afterlife Love never dies signs from Heaven photos images of hearts send from Heaven Afterlife

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