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Spirit images life after death testimonies reality of Spirit

Spirit images life after death testimonies reality of Spirit photo image testimonies afterlife     


About six months ago a girl sent me the beautiful picture you are about to see.

These people were entertainers at a tourist summer camp; they were all sitting in a circle, chatting together, waiting for the show to start. This is when the picture was taken.

Just like what happens within our physical limitations, this was a perfectly normal moment for them, they were just chatting, this was their reality.

When the picture was developed, and I have the original film with me, you can see neatly, very clearly, the image of this sweet Spirit, present right there with them, this is the true reality, the reality in which we are placed and that our eyes do not capture.

Let’s look together at this spectacular picture.


You noticed that due to privacy reasons I obscured the faces of the individuals, this was necessary, sadly you can not see their looks, they were looking at each other, or looking at the person taking the picture, but they were completely unaware of the presence of Love right in between them.

Another thing that really caught my attention in this picture is the intense emotion that this Spirit emanates toward the young man who at that moment has his arm extended out in front of him

I asked a person who specializes in these things to cut out a portion of the picture so that I can show it to you in even more detail.

This is what was done on the picture: the initial dimension were 5 cm. in width by 3.5cm in height, 250 dpi resolution; it was cropped to 2,98 cm width by 3.24cm height, 250 dpi resolution; then they applied the Luminosity/contrast +41, contrast +93; the file was saved in the .jpg forma and the highest quality resolution for jpg.

But let’s go back to the emotion that this Soul transmits…. Look at the gaze, the intensity of the desire, of the Love that this ‘body’ expresses…. He would like to take that hand between his own and squeeze it with Love, he would love to be heard, he would love for the young man to feel him there with him, present, loving him. You can sense, you can see the very affectionate smile of this Ghost. All of his Love is for this young man and he would love to let him see it.

Let’s look at the image.


It’s wonderful, isn’it??

Obviously I asked this girl to have more information about the possible identity of this Soul in relation to this young man, it was a very paternal request from my behalf, but I desired to find out nonetheless. The girl told me that she would try to ask but that she was very skeptical because the young man did not believe in these things. She told me she would let me know, but I never heard from her since.

So why then, even despite the law on protection of the privacy, I decided for the first time to bring you this precious testimonial, even though technically the girl did not authorize me to publish it?

It’s because the physical reality that we miss so much when a loved one goes back to the House of the Father is also the same physical reality that our loved ones miss. That need to touch, to feel each other, to recognize each other through tact, this is something precious that both of us miss, but this picture tells our hearts how Love is and how it sweetly stays present in our lives, in the true reality. The desire of that Ghost to touch, to grab the loved hand is what even our loved ones experience with every one of us. Sometimes we are able to perceive small signs, such as a breeze, a light puff of air, a gentle pressure, on the hand on the face, now, from this picture, you know what is happening in your reality in that precise moment.

A sweet embrace

Sara Luce


Title Spirit images life in the other side testimonies the reality of Spirit photograph testimonies

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